Belly Fat Foods – Belly Fat Burning Foods – Foods That Burn Belly Fat

My Seven Belly Fat Burning Foods – Visit My New Channel Lose 10 Pounds: Ready to Lose Fat Today? http://losebe…


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50 Responses to “Belly Fat Foods – Belly Fat Burning Foods – Foods That Burn Belly Fat”

  1. Dario Cann says:

    I’m gonna win the cinnamon challenge LOL

  2. sofuggit says:

    I already use all but three of these on a daily basis. I can add two of
    them but the salmon is a no go. I’m vegetarian.

  3. Jonathan Thompson says:

    use all of these every day, healthy diet, work out HIIT and walk 10 miles a
    day and not burning fat fast enough.

  4. Dario Cann says:

    hello sir do grapefruit help for belly fat loss?

  5. Tilly Sears says:

    Thanks for this info! Does anyone have ideas on what to use Apple Cider
    Vinegar in?

  6. Rico Suave says:

    I worked on gaining 30lbs in a 6 month period. Now that I gained it I’m
    happy with my weight. The only issue is I would like to lose the belly fat
    and get my abs back in order. So well this video help me to only lose my
    belly fat or will I start losing weight all over. 

  7. MrHellrazer08 says:

    How ami i gonna eat cinnamon or Apple cider vinegar? : i mean what do i
    use em on? 

  8. Charlotte Smith says:

    Hi could you just blend all these ingredients together and drink this

  9. Trevon Phillip says:

    Hi Dario,
    Hello! I have a question.
    How do you recommend taking in apple cider vinegar?
    Should I just drink some? If so, how much?

  10. David Goudy says:

    Daily use?> how much is good for loss of belly fat?

  11. ADMBodybuilding says:

    This was AWESOME! Thank you so much. 

  12. Thedragonworld150 says:

    you’re awesome, Thank you :)

  13. Roseanne Piggee says:

    Belly Fat Foods – Belly Fat Burning Foods – Foods That Burn Belly Fat:

  14. HAVOK FiveSixSeven says:

    Apple cider vinegar contains alchahole, that, i refuse to take in
    (religious reasons), is there an alternative, something which has the same

  15. Mona Zabihian says:

    AWESOME! thanks,

  16. Marely Meza says:

    Hi can I eat the salmon that comes in frozen package? Or does it have to be
    fresh salmon?

  17. Joshua Tengdui says:

    Hello Dario Cann, I use coconut powder for a lot of dishes when cooking, is
    that similar to what you have mentioned?

  18. Rebecca Bear says:

    Yes and I also believe grapefruit helps with weight loss, I eat it and it
    stops my cravings for certain foods and it makes you feel fuller longer,
    and also what helps me with weight loss and others I’ve heard from is Chai
    green tea (hot), and artichokes, bananas, Ginger, and believe it or not
    dark chocolate, nuts, black beans, egg whites, and others :)

  19. Gary Basil Grant says:

    cool and now i can lose some more pounds…love you +Dario Cann 

  20. UsedStryker says:

    Interesting and yummy food for a flat healthy belly, I’m in!

  21. Kool Shady Kat says:

    I want to try coconut oil but I have heard that it can be bad for you (E.g)
    clog your arteries, is that true I just want to be on the safe side :)

  22. SaraSmilee XD says:

    Thank you so much, this helped a lot, i cant thank you enough:)

  23. Chritrop Gulipo says:

    What ‘s wrong with this video is how to use this ingredients i mean
    procedure. …is this just eat. 

  24. Little Light says:

    great video ! thank you Dario

  25. alba velazquez says:

    Thank you for the information I will try some of the things you suggest
    since I love them.

  26. leansecrets says:

    Hey guys. Just an FYI, some of you might remember a video similar to this
    in 2011. That video had to be taken down due to my incorrect use of the
    term “tupperware”. Tupperware company didn’t like that I called my old
    rubbermaid containers “tupperware”. I decided to redo the video because the
    feedback on the original one was great. Just wanted to give a heads up. I
    wouldn’t normally do a video twice! P.S…is anyone else as shocked as I am
    that all plastic containers aren’t called “Tupperware”?! LOL!

  27. leo_85 says:

    Would fish and chicken still be safe to eat 5 days later? I never let them
    go past 2 days anything over that I trow away. 

  28. Godfavorabletome says:

    Dollar tree for containers any size with lids one dollar

  29. TGRAM7 says:

    I would like to know more about measurements. How much protein/veggie/carbs
    should I be eating. I haven’t the slightest idea!

  30. Kathy Mills says:

    I wish I had a nickel for every time, recently, I’ve heard a “you tuber”
    say “tupperware” when they were talking about a generic or other brand of
    plastic container. lol. I guess you’re so popular, somebody important saw

  31. Luke Bedford says:

    I’m 21 year old male college student. I’ve never cooked before and this is
    overwhelming and confusing lol

  32. MellowMadnessRMX says:

    video is SO blurry :(

  33. Selina Hernandez says:

    This video lacks a lot of information

  34. Melissa Watson says:

    I’m sorry, but this video was not helpful at all! It was too quick and all
    over the place! And it was blurry. 

  35. Rachel Ramirez says:

    This might be a dumb question, but doesn’t the lettuce get Brown throughout
    the week? Does she freeze or put in the refrigerator the meals? 

  36. Ivana Chuljak-Cribb says:

    Love the video 🙂 and your doggy is so adorable I want a golden retriever

  37. lelechim says:

    I should meal prep my dinner. I had a frozen dinner when I got home today

  38. Noelia says:

    I would like to know what dressing you use for your prepped meals. Thanks
    for the great ideas!

  39. PoliteTia says:

    I’m sorry ,but Zeus is the star of the vlog, not so much the container or
    cute. That is one cute puppy.

  40. thecheshirecat999 says:

    Hello Brenda! I wanted to ask you if the food you cook on advanced for the
    week doesn´t loose nutritional value as the days go by (as fresher food is
    always better). I try to cook every night for the next day, but it is
    obviously more time consuming. What do you think on this topic? thanks!!!!

  41. Carmen Santana says:

    Brenda thanks love your presentations.. and mostly how simple they are :)

  42. chocounicornempress says:


  43. ayansserdine says:

    Hi lean I’m give up I have loosing after birth on my tummy everybody say it
    will not gone is it right ….????

  44. leopard gecko says:

    Zeus is my parrots name. yaaaaaaaaaaaay

  45. Tawananomics says:

    Where did you get your Tupperware??? I’ve been trying so hard to find glass
    ware like that?? Couldn’t find it on your page??

  46. Emy Almodovar says:

    My problem is heating the lunches at work I do not like
    microwaves….thanks Brenda missed UR videos.

  47. Muslimah Mummy says:

    Hey 🙂 i love your channel but I am at a loss im trying to lose 70 pounds
    plus gain muscle to tone. But i am a vegeterian and im looking for tips fot

  48. Gry Ramona Sanne says:

    cool vid brenda! 🙂 but i have a question about meal prep in general.
    Wont the food, especially the meat go bad after a couple of days? =/
    just curious about others point of view since ive been hearing that you
    should not eat meat that is on a minimum 2 days old..=/

  49. chinewmarie says:

    Well I am tired of using plastic containers because I was told they leech
    toxins in our food so I wanted to know where you got your glass containers
    in those different sizes from?

  50. HeyItzCho says:


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