Best Diet For Weight loss & My Healthy Eating Plan Give Away

Best Diet For Weight loss & My Healthy Eating Plan Give Away

If you want your best diet for weight loss & a chance for my healthy eating plan give away simply like and share this video on my blog at…

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22 Responses to “Best Diet For Weight loss & My Healthy Eating Plan Give Away”

  1. yimmy alba says:

    Sorry sr, you wrote that one person on 190lb need 300gr of carbs per meal??
    I think that was a mistake….

  2. Barry Kelly says:

    Raw eggs? What about salmonella?

  3. EZ Does It says:

    What happened to those 12 week transformation guys???

  4. Gina Millis says:

    Best Diet For Weight loss & My Healthy Eating Plan Give Away:

  5. baldygitjim says:

    Hi Darin, do you use whole eggs or just whites in the oatmeal ? thanks

  6. fatlosslifestyle says:
  7. Mehroz Ahmed says:

    Please coach me, I want to be like you when I grow up 

  8. Justin Meyers says:

    Hey Darin, Do you do personal coaching? Couldn’t find anything on your
    site. Thanks!

  9. atVexED says:

    Egg whites? Or yolk included.

  10. paul church says:

    Great video. Thank you for taking the confusion out of health. Most would
    make you believe that you need to take one thing to counter another you
    just had to have. I have a small farm and everything is 100% organic. All I
    have to buy at the store is bananas and flax.

  11. Admir says:

    Love your videos! You’re such an inspiration!

  12. chevy power says:

    Whats a good brand of whey protein do you recommend for Weight loss. Thanks

  13. outtoplay says:

    Great stuff, Darin. Thanks.

  14. StoneysWorkshop says:

    lifestyle info is great, people have been joking about diets and i say “its
    not a diet, its a lifestyle”

  15. lollingbowling says:

    love this guy!

  16. kessler003 says:

    Thanks for the tips.

  17. h ak says:

    pls help me

  18. WhiteTuber fx says:

    Thanks , this video helps a lot

  19. chevy power says:
  20. Sylvia Lopez says:

    Please fuck me Darin!!

  21. stonedmega1 says:

    So much broscience.

  22. idea or opinion says:

    Sir,forgive me for I am a newbie,but is it some what possible to go on
    without the typical protein shakes,supplements or anything else that is
    always used by those bodybuilders we see in the gym?

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