Day 13 – Raw Food Diet – Extreme Weightloss

It’s the first day I’ve not lost weight since starting my raw food way of life so I have come for a walk. The walk involves climbing ‘165 steps of hell’ up a cliff and I am saddened by how…
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Get the same results using secret method. Weight loss – before and after, great motivation complation Music – [MA Dubstep] : Mandy Capristo – The Way I Like It (Mutrix Remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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44 Responses to “Day 13 – Raw Food Diet – Extreme Weightloss”

  1. mahe78 says:

    i wish it was that lovely here… I live in Illinois and it is dreadfully
    cold here! It looks so nice where you are! 

  2. Inked_&_Bypassed says:

    what a beautiful place, well done, you are helping me to decide if raw is
    the way for me to go :)

  3. Reach4Raw says:

    Karen, thank you so much for your lovely words – I am so touched and really
    glad my videos might help. Thanks for watching :o) x

  4. ACDCBCFamily says:

    Love your videos! Also, what a gorgeous area to have near you to walk! Your
    mom is amazing to be supportive of you doing a diet that so many consider
    crazy. Good job!

  5. colleen L. says:

    would love the veggie burger and onion bread recipes….share?

  6. Reach4Raw says:

    You’d better come and visit – I’m holding you to it! I’m right on the
    central south coast of England in a county called Dorset. It’s a relatively
    rural county, though I’m in a town. Everything’s very green and lush
    because we have a sort of microclimate all of our own – we get some of the
    best weather in the UK, hence me being in the sun in Nov/Dec time. When the
    rest of the country is in rain and snow, we’re still sunny. It makes us a
    bit cocky :o)

  7. VonnyMilonny says:

    Hey Cookie when we meet up next can you take me there? It’s gorgeous just
    like you x

  8. Reach4Raw says:

    Hi – thanks for your lovely comments! :o) This was filmed in Dorset (south
    coast) and we’ve now moved to the next county along, which is called
    Hampshire. All quite rural and lots of rolling valleys and hills :o) x

  9. FatWomanGoesRaw says:

    Loved, loved, loved this video! The scenery is the most beautiful and
    serene that I have ever seen. Whereabouts are you in this video dear? It’s
    so lovely and you’re so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I
    favorited this one. I am going to come visit one day 🙂

  10. Reach4Raw says:

    Ha ha! My little friends. I cannot believe how I ate meat virtually every
    day since I was a child and do not miss it AT ALL. How does that happen?
    The power of fruits and veggies surprises me the more I learn.

  11. Reach4Raw says:

    Course I will! We’ll do a picnic with the hubbies in spring (they can carry
    it all – ha ha!). Can’t wait to see you xxx

  12. Karen Kruse says:

    Hi Cookie,, I found out about your channel from Steve Crider who I just
    love to death. YOu are doing so amazing, and I can already tell a big
    difference. You are so beautiful, inside and out, and I think you will
    really inspire me to keep up on my weight loss journey. Thanks so much for
    sharing your daily triumphs and struggles with us her in America.

  13. CrommSumm says:

    Those are gorgeous surroundings! Where in the UK are you?

  14. mamieleger says:

    I love the baaahhhhh sounds in the background. They are happy you aren’t
    eating meat anymore. 🙂

  15. PointingTheWeigh says:

    I finely slice courgette on a mandoline, spray olive oil and sprinkle with
    either salt, curry powder etc or my favourite is nutritional yeast..NOT
    brewers yeast. I dehydrate those, so crispy, much better than any bought
    crisps!!! I like to also make kale chips..YUM! Loads of things, I love my
    dehydrator! Which dehydrator did you buy?

  16. Reach4Raw says:

    I will do that specially for you this weekend :o)

  17. Reach4Raw says:

    Ahhh thank you! Great to have you with me :o) x

  18. Reach4Raw says:

    Mmmm kale chips :o) My favourite. I bought a 4-drawer Excalibur and LOVE
    it. I’ve been making onion bread lately which Dave is now addicted to. I
    had never heard of a dehydrator 2 months ago and already I could not do
    without it!

  19. FatWomanGoesRaw says:

    Oh my gosh that sounds perfect!!! If I could get my boyfriend to move there
    with me, I would take all my kids and do it, not kidding lol It looks soooo
    perfect! 🙂

  20. honder says:


  21. lonelyheroine says:

    Unfortunately, the first guy, who was on a talk show as “the 700 pound
    virgin” and lost an incredible amount of weight, has gained most of it
    back. On the bright side, he’s losing again and I’m willing to bet that he
    will succeed this time. 

  22. allinblack says:

    Thanks a lot , now I have no excuse

  23. thevictorianvillage says:

    This would be better if it didn’t go so fast. Also, I don’t know what these
    people did, but it is easy to lose weight on a low-carb, high-fat diet
    (ketogenic diet). It’s easy because you aren’t hungry and eat real food.
    You also don’t have to exercise your self to death like other weight loss
    diets. I love ketogenic!

  24. Mark Newman says:

    Slow it down and change the music. Thank you.

  25. JON H says:

    sorry but being too thin is nasty

  26. Lisa Juliette says:

    I’ve recently started my own YouTube channel to document my Weight Loss
    Journey and Transformation. Check it out if you’d like :)

  27. Ghezel ghezel222 says:

    Hi everybody !!! if any one need help and struggling with the extra weight
    i can help and give tips if your intrested i ll give you my gmail peace <3

  28. Carlos munoz-alanes says:

    This really motivated me

  29. Paula Street says:

    3:29 after is too thin!

  30. Tihana S says:

    0:13 ain’t even fat before…

  31. Kevin Scholman says:

    2:31!? LOL

  32. Dante 888 says:

    Shit choice of music.

  33. Seashore Girl says:

    Pictures move too fast.

  34. Lee Yaseen says:

    Yeah totally

  35. De Gup says:

    the first guy on this film wasn´t so happy afterall. het went back to his
    old habits and went more obese then this before picture. hope he find his
    way back

  36. Zawubble says:

    lol 2:30 photoshop, but great video

  37. Big Love Ali says:

    3:08… dude that is way too thin!!! nothing wrong with your before

  38. SophieStardoll says:

    Every time that I want to eat hamburger I watch this video and say “YOU
    why I lost 30 kgs ……. Thanks for making this video . Million kisses
    from Azerbaijan :*

  39. Reshelle Carbaugh says:

    very motivational

  40. ItsCherryBomb says:

    I’m just watching this before I go workout. 

  41. suman rai says:

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    it easily using Fat Blast Furnace (check it out on Google).

  42. farki farki nahera malai says:

    This video has good information, but I am confused about the best diet plan
    that I should work with, only because I have never taken any. Anyone tried
    the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I have noticed some folks refer to awesome things
    about Fenoboci Diet Plan. 

  43. Tamara Pqskas says:

    watching this short movie I can literally feel their pride in these
    people’s achievements – a lot of people try day to day to lose weight for
    one reason or another and it’s great to see those who got there trying to
    motivate others who are in the middle of this journey or just started 

  44. Mostafa Seoudi says:

    OK, How could I start?

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