Day 52 – Raw Food Diet – Extreme Weightloss

24lbs off and I’m buzzing on green juice. Here’s a breakdown of what I’m eating in a day – and the weight is dropping off this week. I LOVE RAW FOOD.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Last week I was still a member of Slimming World and this is the first week I won’t have gone for years. Over those years I ballooned to 21.5 stones (over 300lbs) and never lost more than 7lbs…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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37 Responses to “Day 52 – Raw Food Diet – Extreme Weightloss”

  1. abjkl says:

    Wow, great video!!! And, your insights were really helpful to hear about
    the physical and mental benefits and how quickly you see improvements –
    thank you for the fantastic video!! Congratulations, by the way!!!! :-)

  2. Michal Nakash says:

    salmons are very unhealthy and not vegan….other than that, you’re great
    inspiration. amazing channel.

  3. whitemisa says:

    I am very happy for you, this is amazing, don’t give up!!….you are

  4. Amina Yusuf says:

    I think you are lovely

  5. Reach4Raw says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm – exactly what I needed to see on day 2 of my birthday
    countdown juice feast (videos to come). You’ve given me ideas for my first
    juice of the day. One documentary I saw said that even one green juice per
    day can have a MASSIVE effect on the chances of getting dementia in later
    life. Amazing.

  6. Paris B says:

    You’re eyes are so bright! This is the first video I have watched of you
    and I am hooked already… I feel like I know you x

  7. LifeMax305 says:

    I make green juice for my family every morning. Even if I fall off the
    wagon for the day at least I’ve nourished myself with the green juice.
    Kale, lemon,garlic, ginger, green apple, carrots, celery, cucumber,
    parsley, cilantro. YUM!

  8. Paris B says:

    Your personality is raw 😉 no artificial colours. I just ruddy love it!

  9. Reach4Raw says:

    Thank you! xxx

  10. ayidas says:

    oh my gosh you seem like an awesome person! This is the first video of your
    that I have watched as well and I literally laughed out loud when you said
    “Good Morning Cow!” hahaha that is most definitely something I would do!
    Love it! Keep us updated 🙂 Much love from Tampa, FL!

  11. whitemisa says:

    here is a super yummy green smoothie for you to try, it’s my
    fav….spinach, basil, frozen pineapple and Orange juice…its sooo
    delicious, it’s also good to put 1 tea spoon of flax seed (make sure its
    graded like in a coffee grinder otherwise your body won’t be able to absorb
    the nutrients form it)….if you tried it let me know if you liked it…

  12. Reach4Raw says:

    Ahhhh thank you Paris! What a lovely thing to say :o) I shall look forward
    to getting to know you :o) xxx

  13. KritterRaw says:

    your scenery is amazing! 😉 how perfect to be in such a natural setting
    while you are living your raw food life. just found your videos and really
    love them. i need motivation to get back on the raw. just want to feel
    wonderful again. thanks so much for sharing your journey!

  14. Reach4Raw says:

    Thank you so much – I’m so glad you are enjoying them (I’m enjoying making
    them!). YOU CAN DO IT. I think if you set aside just one day, get all your
    fruit and veg in ready – and just stuff yourself full of fruit smoothies,
    simple juices like carrot and apple, orange etc. and graze on things like
    raw carrots, bananas and cherries (and drink 2 litres of water) you’ll feel
    the benefits so fast that you’ll want to carry on, and before you know it
    you’ll be buzzing :o) Let me know how you get on. xx

  15. Alon Brangan says:

    Eat fruit rather than drinking fruit juice. For the calories in one
    kid-size box of any fruit juice, you may enjoy an apple, orange, and a
    slice of watermelon. These whole-foods can keep you fulfilled for much
    longer than that box of apple juice, Get your personalized fat loss program

  16. cena rocks says:

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  17. Aggezagge1 says:

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  18. Mallik rao says:

    If you seriously want to burn calories fast, you should search google for
    “Atomic Fat Loss”. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  19. angel005101996 says:

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  20. HearkenToTheSilence says:

    your eyes are so beautiful!! :-))

  21. amanda leigh says:

    How tall are you ?

  22. jodilynn11041104 says:

    You are beautiful and very inspiring!

  23. Allyson Callahan says:

    I can so relate to you! This is motivating to watch you. Thanks so much!

  24. Tiger Lills says:

    Very inspiring xx

  25. Reach4Raw says:

    You stick to your guns and you probably won’t want to go back to him in the
    end :o) You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. The thing I love about
    raw food is that the pressure is taken away – there is no thinking about
    points or syns or calories or getting the ratio of protein right. I think
    you should forget what you have been lectured about and start over. Take
    the pressure off yourself, eat fruits and veggies til they are coming out
    of your ears and you will succeed in losing weight xx

  26. Reach4Raw says:

    Ahhh thank you :o) Glad you are enjoying them and hope they are helpful. I
    don’t know anything yet to be honest but hopefully I will as the weeks go
    on. How is your journey going? x

  27. Reach4Raw says:

    What a lovely thing to say – thank you so much. I definitely do not feel it
    but am hoping the weightloss will help! 😀

  28. VonnyMilonny says:

    You are not and never will be a failure. You are a beautiful and vibrant
    woman who I am lucky to call a friend. X

  29. Reach4Raw says:

    Wow – thank you so much. That has seriously brought tears to my eyes. Thank
    you x

  30. CrommSumm says:

    You are stunning! And very inspirational at that.

  31. mamieleger says:

    My sister and I went on and on about your vibrancy last night during a
    visit. How we love your smile and what just an absolute beauty you are. I
    can’t imagine people in your life not seeing that raw foods are reanimating
    your soul. You are doing so great! Thanks for the replies.

  32. mamieleger says:

    You are so beautiful. Do you know this? And you are owning this new life
    plan. Congrats!

  33. colleen L. says:

    Have been watching your videos and have to say that you are so
    beautiful,cant wait to see how you continue to blossom throughout this
    journey. I have beenwith a personal trainer now for 2 yrs and have not lost
    much weight and just quit because I was feeling terrible each time I went.
    I got lectured over and over again about eating protein,35 grams worth 5x
    per day.I cant do it. Makes me sick. Want to go back, but not till I lose a
    bunch of weight so he can see that raw works.

  34. Reach4Raw says:

    Thank you so much – that is such a lovely thing to say. The feeling is
    completely mutual ;o) xxx

  35. ccrusso says:

    I have struggled with the same issue about diet. Never able too lose weight
    on any of them. I also have been struggling with everyone’s opinion
    regarding the raw food. Thank you for posting. Love your videos!

  36. healingbyGod says:

    I just found your channel and subscribed. I understand all that you are
    going through. I have been trying to remain raw for three years now with
    ups and downs. There is a lady that I watch a lot and I thought you might
    want to check out her channel. She is very informative and honest. Her
    channel is called …A Place To Heal. You will love her videos. I have
    learned so much from her. By the way, I like your videos. I find them very
    inspirational. Thank you and thumbs up!

  37. Igor Burdiyev says:

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