Day 92 (pt2) – Raw Food Diet – Extreme Weightloss

Run-through of how just a few days of eating more processed food has such a dramatic effect. Looking forward to the dramatic effects of raw food tomorrow :o)
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25 Responses to “Day 92 (pt2) – Raw Food Diet – Extreme Weightloss”

  1. RawFoodForMyLife says:

    I wanted to write you Cookie and tell you how happy I am to see that you
    are trying. We are all here to support you in your journey. As you know
    your journey will consist of peaks and valley’s. I am glad that you are
    making videos and that you are learning as you go. I can tell you from past
    experience that your journey – lessons will be one of the best life lessons
    that you experience in your life time. You will be able to go very deep
    into your soul and physical body to unlock the feelings that you have kept
    hidden for a long time. One of the things that I tell my clients is to
    spend the time thinking about all of the Good Things “Healing and
    Detoxification” that is taking place and do not worry about what other
    people are thinking at the time. You can not change other peoples opinion
    of you, you can only change yourself. Always work on the present and the
    future. Never work on the past. I have subscribed to your channel so that I
    can be one of the cheerleaders that supports you to your dreams. You are
    doing fantastic. Keep up the good work. I know you are on the right track
    and that this can be done because I did it myself by losing 200 pounds in 1
    year. I support you sweetheart and I can’t wait for your next video… :)

  2. Carrie Lonsdale says:

    you are so cute good for you getting back on track you go girl take care of

  3. itsokaytogetwet says:

    Man, all of those symptoms, I’ve had them for years! I just chalked it up
    to getting a little older and being pretty overweight. That feeling you get
    from eating processed food–that tingle–yes! It’s like your body is about
    to break out into hives. I HATED feeling like that every time I ate, but
    for so long I thought that was to be expected for a fat person (like
    myself). I finally discovered raw veganism about 2 months ago and I haven’t
    experienced that since. I feel like my whole body is humming with
    happiness. A few slipups here and there remind me that I made the right

  4. Castaway says:

    Re: Chin hairs, processed foods mess with our hormones, 

  5. Tabitha Hawker says:

    you are beautiful!! such a vibrant person.

  6. Castaway says:

    I sometimes wonder if the ‘slip-ups’ aren’t just as important as being on
    the wagon or being ‘perfect’, because memory loss goes both ways. The
    slip-ups afford us the opportunity to objectively observe, for the first
    time sometimes, how processed foods truly make us feel and look. So even
    the slip-ups are ‘perfect’.

  7. Cheri Linehan says:

    Thank you for this video. I started a week of plant based diet with 80%
    being raw smoothies. I was astonished how clear my mind felt, and how the
    pain in my body disappeared. Then last night was my best friend’s birthday
    and I went to there intending to eat vegetarian instead I slipped and and
    ate pasta;-( What was really shocking how with just one meal I woke up with
    all of the pain, runny nose, and clouded mind. Your video helped me so much
    today to realize that not all was ruined. I can simply just start again.
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

  8. stephanie reinicke says:

    Love your Videos!you are beautiful and inspiring !

  9. Pat Ramirez says:

    im on raw food for a week and 3 days now have lost 6 inches in my waist,
    feeling great, hey girl keep up the good work, we all fall short sometimes
    til we get it right, you have gorgeous eyes, please keep the videos comeing
    and let us know your progress.

  10. penny clarke says:

    are u so right I eat loads of bad food .diary food really does me
    in.But I find it hard to go a good diet but I no it makes me ill to eat
    red meat too. I am nearly 60 can u help with a list of raw food I can eat
    over a week please. . that will help me I Look forward to seeing your
    lovely pets.

  11. imapineapple15 says:

    I just found your channel randomly and I just have to say you’re just such
    a pleasure to watch and listen to. Love your accent of course, but you seem
    like a sweet person. I’m going through some detox myself and getting crazy
    pimples etc.

  12. Dea' DuValle says:

    U are so forthcoming and genuine.

  13. Castaway says:

    I’m so excited to see the farm. :)

  14. pieternel101 says:

    I just found your videos. You’re an inspiration to many, i”m sure. I
    think you are very beautiful, inside and out. Keep onto being good to

  15. Allison Lawson says:

    i have to say – i love you. you do not know how similar we are – i am
    (again) over 300 pounds – i haven’t taken the time to go weigh myself in
    months, i’m that miserably ashamed of how much weight i’ve put back on. i
    lost 70 pounds between being dragged all over creation by a former friend
    and a supplement my company sells (this is SO not an advertisement, but the
    simple fact is i did use the supplement and with my planned weight loss
    journey, supplementing will be part of it.) in 2012, and now it’s all come
    back (in part b/c i haven’t taken the supplement in months, but also b/c i
    started eating a ton of garbage over this last horrible winter).

    i agree, you are a delight to listen to.

    but what i came down to the comments to mention is – i am diagnosed with
    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – i knew had it 10 years before i was
    diagnosed. and if the only thing i lose (besides weight) from this is the
    male pattern hair growth, i will be a happy woman!

  16. Candy Delicia says:

    How many days does the food on the cart last you for?

  17. Hélène Staley says:

    Processed foods, foods with much salt and too much sugar, deep fried foods
    — all this is terrible for every human body even if the symptoms are
    ignored and under reported. If you are having a weak moment, blend up a
    banana with a whole peach, a little distilled water to thin it out and a
    cup of almond milk. It gets rid of those cravings. The trouble starts when
    one runs out of fresh raw foods. One can substitute frozen and canned
    fruits for such moments — I loved seeing the farm you showed earlier.

  18. Amanda Ashley says:

    Your just a sweetie pie. I love the way you are. You must be a warm kind
    person. Good luck in everything you do. My baby boy is 2 and clicked on
    your picture. 

  19. justrisa1 says:

    Im with you girl, can we do this together? Am dealing with obesity also.

  20. Jodi Hughes says:

    Thank you for helping me. Keep on track and keep us posted please!

  21. Hélène Staley says:

    You are right about the effects of raw fruits and vegetables regarding
    skin. I find that when I am doing several days of drinking for breakfast
    and or lunch blended peaches, strawberries, grapes, bananas — I am not as
    thirsty and everything feels better in my body inside and out. Then, say I
    have a day where I eat even a few handfuls of popcorn or crackers or some
    processed food I experience the same things you describe — indigestion,
    skin troubles, etc. You are incredibly accurate. Best wishes to you.

  22. Patrice Hanes says:

    I really enjoy your post…I started doing on body plan and I dont really
    think that its working for me. I had started out by juicing in December and
    I was so tired of drinking jucie I didnt know what to do with myself. I
    also starteddrinking a liter of water a day. I do really well at my desk at
    work, but no so much at home. I have incorporated at least 4days of
    workouts, but I am scared on leaving this program w/o another one in place.
    Can you tell me how it is that you got started and what did you remove from
    your cabinets and how did you keep your head in the game?

  23. Candy Delicia says:

    I will be totally honest, I do not know the difference between processed
    and not processed.

  24. Lynda V says:

    Your very sweet and lovable so real !! thanks for your great videos…keep
    them going :)

  25. Hélène Staley says:

    P.S.: I love English Pointers by the way. I have one with green eyes — and
    can’t wait to see your Englisher Pointers.

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