Diet Chart for weight loss in 07 days….

Reduce your weight in just 07 days….follow this FREE DIET CHART and feel the change for sure…. Hi All, This is a 07 days Full Meal Plan to help you Lose …
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24 Responses to “Diet Chart for weight loss in 07 days….”

  1. King Khan says:

    good Diet plan,, i am following this plan today ( day2 ) ti thing it will
    be work, thank : lookout-weight

  2. SinIsFuN WeirDosDaYouT says:

    i can see this diet will have me irritable, kinda dizzy, and feeling hungry
    later in the evening at 260 lbs this is not for anyone thats obese. but
    thks for the info !

  3. Tarannum Sayyed says:

    Hii…I have very heavy fat after my pregnancy I had c-section…so my
    stomach is literally its almost 4yrs but not succeeded to
    loose my fat.
    I want to know Will this diet plan work for me and I am a working women so
    I dont get time for exercise. ..pls suggest me to loose my belly fat.

  4. lookoutweight says:

    checkout this effective diet chart specially designed to lose weight fast
    without starving yourself.

  5. Saika Ansari says:

    Hi! Guys this diet chart really work…. I loss 1.800kg in a week …..:) 

  6. OMGitsME says:

    Horrible diet plan. fruits contain alot of sugar. i recommend eating
    weggies! Only drink water, eat weggies and meat. Nothing else.

  7. annu bajaj says:

    Hi! I am planing to follow this diet but I don’t want to go for skimmed
    milk. Please advise if there is anything else which I can take other then
    skimmed milk.

  8. Tan Sze Yuin says:

    Hi, i like to know.
    I mean my second day meal kind of mess up. I have my breadfast ard 2++ and
    that is 3banana, one fruit i dont know called what, and soya milk. Then my
    lunch start ard 3, vege and one kuey(my dad got angry with me not eating
    cox he bought it for me so i tske in on)….omg! Did i destroy my whole
    diet thing? Shld i restart from the begining? Someone help me pls!

  9. shweta gajjar says:

    is it okkkk if i dont take skimmed milk in breakfast day 2

  10. Tamra Templeton says:

    What do u mean by tomato sandwich 

  11. Jenny Peters says:

    Hi, I’d like to follow this diet plan but I have a couple questions before
    First, I want to lose fat so I exercise regularly, not as much as needed
    but I try, so I wonder whether the amount of food intake in this diet can
    provide the support for cardio workout.
    Second , can I take multivitamin while following this diet?
    Third, what can I eat if I feel too hungry in between meals?

    Thank you .

  12. Christian Kitanovski says:

    can i also drink coffee in the morning?

  13. Wimukthi ManathriGe says:

    It works….lost 5kg in 7days ..thanku for this diet chartt 

  14. greatestheroever says:

    *Yeah.. I agree with you, Totally!*
    *it provides me complete education*
    *about what I needed for my nutritional*
    *needs and also a detailed but succinct..*
    *It really did a great job on gaining my*
    *muscles.. :)*

  15. richa sharma says:

    Hi… i have begun with this diet plan from today. Really looking forward
    for the results. I want to know the replacement of eggs in the diet since i
    dont eat eggs. Second, can i take tea coffee once twice in a day? and on
    day 2 i have to eat boiled vegetables or oil cooked?

  16. Manisha Patel says:

    Hi!! My height is 5 feet with 55kg weight and I want to loose 5 kgs. I go
    for dance class mon-sat for 1 hour. Can I follow the diet?

  17. Amina Afrin says:

    I lose my weight which I need now what will I do to maintain it…
    Should I follow it? 

  18. aqeel qazi says:

    Hai my weight is 79 kg I want to loss my weight upto 30 kg I am women my
    height is 5.3 how it’s possible to do soo fast because my weight is
    cerating problem in my pregnancy. ..

  19. Emma Robinson says:

    hi what does it mean by tomato sandwich is that just tomato and bread or

  20. Vishakha Chandorkar says:

    hey, hi. i am really looking forward to follow this plan. i am 12th cls
    student & my xams are fast approaching in feb end. so my question is
    following this wud be good? will it weaken me or cause any problem in my
    study routine coz all day i have to do is study. so will it be all fine??

  21. Megan mars says:

    Please can u tell me a substitute for sprouts? cause where I live they are
    not found and I don’t like them as well pleaseeeeee help


  22. Lisa Maree says:

    Hi I don’t eat/drink (milk) dairy. What can I substitute? I would normally
    have almond milk. Would this be ok?

  23. Skandha Subramanya says:

    On the day 1 , for lunch can i consume a cucumber sandwich instead of a
    tomato because of medical problems

  24. Zabna M S says:

    am rally heavy . 117kgs now i wanna get bac to normal or reduce 40 kg at
    least. is it possible with this diet plan … help me plzzzzzzzz

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