Exercise not a magic cure for weight loss

Exercise not a magic cure for weight loss
"A major cause of weight gain and poor success with weight loss is non-evidence-based information and misperceptions about exercise and diet," said Professor King who tonight presents his keynote speech – Quashing the Myths about Exercise, Dieting and …
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Study: Chocolate helps weight loss
One group followed a low carbohydrate diet, another group also followed a low carb diet, but added 42 grams of dark chocolate per day, and a control group followed their normal diet. The low carb group lost weight compared to the control group. But …
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Strength vs Endurance: Which Exercise Program Produces Better Weight Loss
… the Technical University of Madrid began the study to measure whether endurance training, strength training, combination training, or government recommendation for weekly activity produced better weight loss results when combined with a healthy diet.
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