Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Season 3 Episode 10 Mike

If you want to lose a good bit of weight within a short time frame, there are extreme weight loss techniques to deliver fast results. These techniques can he…
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25 Responses to “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Season 3 Episode 10 Mike”

  1. Mirko Reinberg says:

    Oh man, I’m so glad for my awesome supportive wife.

  2. ColloseusX says:

    His wife needs a good smack in the mouth, miserable cow

  3. Haziq Deen says:

    idk why , but white people tends to look older than asians . My father is
    54 he looks like 49 like the man in the vid , while this guy looks 54-56
    for me

  4. Rachel Lauzon says:

    ishhh his wife is not supportive ..she reminds me of my husband

  5. Reiko K says:

    Oh man, that was so amazing. Mike is the epitome of inspirational!

  6. maroussia555 says:

    I don’t think the wife was unsupportive as some most people down here say.
    I mean, of course it’s totally normal to complain a little when all your
    habits suddenly have to change and you need to sacrifice. I think she was
    overall supportive and they showed us the few times when she moaned but who
    would never have in a full year of that regime? I mean, it’s obvious she’s
    very proud of him.

  7. shimizimer says:

    his wife is so unenthusiastic….

  8. FuzzleLand says:

    I really can’t stand when they have these unsupportive wives. Oh no, my
    husband was chosen for a once in a lifetime chance and is dedicating a year
    of his life to NOT DYING and all I can do is whine and complain that it’s
    so hard on “ME ME ME ME ME”.

  9. Flora Posteschild says:

    One thing I really like about this episode is that it’s not a person with
    an extreme sob story but just an average person who let himself go over the
    years, and has some average, relatable problems.

    Mike, you look great, and congratulation on being a role model for your
    kids. Nancy, after some grumbling you supported your husband, but whoever
    persuaded you to wear that too tight mini-maxi to your wedding is not your

  10. AmaneeChaan says:

    I still cannot believe he lost over 40 pounds with 2 broken ribs, that is
    one tough man.

  11. Kimmehface says:

    Chris is sooo right! I have no excuse to eat crappy and not work out when
    this guy has a family to take care of and a business. He inspired me! And
    his family is so amazing and supportive.

  12. Mckinzie Oliver says:

    They should so make a kids edition I would love to loose like 50 or 60

  13. Cerys Sinclair says:

    You can lose fat safely and avoid gaining weight back if you have the
    proper nutrition plan, without any medications, tough workouts…

  14. Fernnando V. says:

    Men his daughter is a hot chick 

  15. ptt218 says:

    His wife seems soooo resentful…

  16. Melek Taskin says:

    Mike truly is an amazing man and very good looking:-)

  17. jaime demuth says:

    Mike is a beast!!! I am so proud of him. He brought me to tears quite a
    few times throughout his transformation. I wish his wife showed more
    emotion with the weight that he lost. She irritates me!!! 

  18. yo yaya says:

    I cried, I got goose bumps, cried, goose bumps…throughout the whole
    episode ;’D this is amazing!!! I know the feeling of success when you
    really want it 🙂 hoorayy Mike !! YOU ARE AMAZING!! 

  19. ByeStender says:

    THis is an inspirational video

  20. Edwin Echevarria says:

    Beyond amazing! Thank God that his arrogant wife changed her mentality
    because if not he could’ve lost his life in that obesity. You’re the best
    Mr. Powell!!!

  21. Bru C. says:

    He’s a winner! Congrats!! 

  22. Sinister Pimple says:

    Those fucking walmart ads at the end…. when he gives him the groceries
    “thats right walmart has all the affordable produce you need”

  23. Vegandragon says:

    what an awesome guy, he really deserved this.

  24. minddisturb says:

    wife seems not to happy from the beginning. just my thought…

  25. MsJesse Sigh says:

    Probably the best episode ive watched.. they say its harder to lose weight
    when u’re older but he proved it wrong, beyond amazing =) 

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