Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Season 3 Episode 9 Alyssa

If you want to lose a good bit of weight within a short time frame, there are extreme weight loss techniques to deliver fast results. These techniques can he…
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25 Responses to “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Season 3 Episode 9 Alyssa”

  1. yizhou jiang says:

    watch this channel every time when i need motivation for workout 

  2. Martha Stam says:

    i wonder why they dont impose more stringent rules for fast food, in order
    to protect public health. We are right when we call fast food junk and

  3. KravaLLT says:

    Why did she deserve to get all that stuff just for getting fat is beyond my

  4. Bethany Drivas says:

    One of the best Extreme Makeover Weightloss episodes!!!

  5. KravaLLT says:

    22?! How do you get that fat that quick?!

  6. Big Scottius says:

    I couldn’t live without my morning Hulk Smash! shake…..which has water,
    non fat yogurt, spinach (You can’t taste it, but it gives it the color for
    which I named it hahahaha…because I’m stupid and wanted a funny name),
    protein powder (vanilla) and one or two of the following fruit:
    strawberries, blueberries, banana, pineapple, mango (I tried oranges, but
    too much pulp)

    Also ice, because i need it cold and refreshing!



  7. vittoria broglia says:

    questo è il modo giusto x perdere peso…..guardate questa puntata. Criss è
    un grande

  8. jasmine greca sinare says:

    Hi I have eating disorder,I like sweet things,I can easily gain weight, I
    look for motivation to start diet n exercise, congratulations your doing
    wonderful job.

  9. sasha216t says:

    i always wanna cry when someone has a breakthrough or reaches a milestone!
    i used to be 407lbs and now im about 330. seeing a physical change in your
    body and actually having to buy a different size clothing is so surreal.
    like literally unbelievable. getting stronger too. being able to do
    workouts before that you couldnt. i can cross my legs now! and paint my
    toenails 🙂 a lot of people like me that are obese have this idea that they
    can’t lose weight, that for some reason it won’t work for them. its
    science. if your body can gain fat and you can go up in sizes, your body
    can lose fat too! just put in the work, and be patient. you’re not going to
    lose the weight all at once just like you didnt gain it all at once. i want
    everyone that reads this to just keep going! don’t give up! you’ll regret
    it if you do, but you’ll never regret it if you just keep trying.

  10. Brittany Yesmont says:

    Wow I’m glad I don’t eat fast food

  11. Giulia Porcellato says:

    What’s with the burping?? Ahahahah

  12. bananaers26rox says:

    It would be soo awesome to have a husband like him he is soo sweet and
    supportive his wife must be very proud!! :-)

  13. Gintare Zilinskaite says:

    Dear Chris,
    You’re hot.
    Sincerely, G

  14. Polina Stenina says:

    Chris jumps sooo hight

  15. Ronin Fredricson says:

    I always get so scared when you see the white on black text at the end of
    shows like these because I always think it’s gonna say the person died XD

  16. Ruth Onaol says:

    Hiyaaaa! Have you ever tried – Xanbiga Secret Weight Loss Code (search on
    Google)? I’ve heard some extraordinary things about it and many women have
    had excellent results with it.

  17. MyJamie says:

    poor chris, im about to puke, just watching him eating that junkfook

  18. IsobelGowdie says:

    She turned from a little girl into a woman.

  19. quosmo1 says:

    oh the exaggerated drama!

  20. Z2inab says:

    from the begining i though : ” this girl is georgous “”

  21. Mesmerizeasmr says:

    She’s really beautiful, and she has a gorgeous smile! It’s good to see her
    all happy and smiley near the end :)

  22. vidhead85 says:

    After eating healthy for so long, I can NOT imagine eating fast food again.
    I THINK about it, and then I think about the gas, the bloating, the
    uncomfortable feelings….

    I’m glad that she was able to get her weight loss and I’m hoping she was
    able to maintain it

    It was great to see Jacqui again also

  23. Rialouise Harding says:

    This Episode got me :'( 

  24. sheena Odom says:

    I really wish I could get on this show, i love what he does.

  25. lina thing says:

    Have you seen the fat shedding system that lies hidden in your body. Go and
    Google Fat Blast Factor to bring it out.

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