Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition – Season 4 / Episode 10 – “Sara”

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition - Season 4 / Episode 10 -

Though she often jokes about being “vertically challenged” (at 4’5”), Sara has faced a lifelong struggle with her height…and her weight. At 39 years old, Sar…
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25 Responses to “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition – Season 4 / Episode 10 – “Sara””

  1. babygirlmd15 says:

    Her sister has a jealousy issue. I can tell by the way she talks about her
    sister. I would like to see her sister do what she has done! So proud of
    her super proud of this woman!

  2. WendyJ711 says:

    She made this look super easy! She is amazing! Very inspirational!

  3. Carolin Holl says:

    wow, she did great!:)
    I just wonder how she´s gonna keep the weight off. I doubt that she´ll have
    the time and energy to keep exercising that much and given her slow
    metabolism and her height, it´s not gonna be easy. But I wish her the best

  4. Lewis Rose says:

    Why did she have to do her hair like an oompa loompa? 

  5. izzathepizza says:

    im about 50 kg and im 170cm, but i still feel fat… I just wish i could
    like, be like Sara cause she’s so positive! Too bad her sister isnt the

  6. greenhills actual says:

    loved her, a total champ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. mnanaukk dz says:

    Poor girl, this life is very hard, fuck nasty people, you are the best :)

  8. Getan Ala says:

    Sara is AMAZING!!!!! Her determination, perseverance, and her attitude is
    truly an inspiration – and even more so considering that she has extra
    obstacles. I don’t know what’s going on with her sister, but she does sound
    like she’s jealous and she’s putting HER issues on Sara. I wish Sara the
    best!!! She’s one of my favorite contestants on this show. She’s beautiful,
    strong, dedicated, and has one of the best attitudes I’ve seen! THANK YOU
    Sara! And I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.

  9. deathkitty10 says:

    My eyes got a little watery as I saw Sara finish the stairs with everyone
    cheering around her. I’m so happy for her she is a very motivational

  10. Rashi Joshi says:

    Sara’s sister is a so stupid.. she is a awful bitch… she doesn’t know how
    to show love to her own sister. I am very proud of sara she is the sweetest
    and jolliest person i have ever saw…. love you sara keep up the good

  11. Carbonatedjello says:

    Her sister told her that she got this or that job because of her short
    stature? Yeah right, I wish! I’m a 5’0″ woman and I’m 28 years old so
    I’m definitely not going to get any taller. People who are TALLER have a
    bit easier time getting jobs and promotions because they appear more
    powerful and are taken more seriously than shorter people. Not saying that
    it’s impossible to be short and successful, but it’s certainly not an
    advantage at work.

  12. Morgan Merriweather says:

    Her sister disgusts me she can’t control her size and I’m 13 and if I was a
    guy I’d date her……she’s so pretty and has a great personality

  13. Maeca Larochelle says:

    Start of video… “I’m Chris Powell” “I’m Heidi Powell” *thinks she’s his
    sister, sits quietly with blank expression for 5 sec, continues* Later in
    video… “My wife Heidi” *Gets mad, starts swearing and punches pillows on
    bed* Nooooo! Hahahah thought I’d share this.

  14. Maddi Cat says:

    She weighs less than me and I’m thirteen .-.

  15. Karpaga Mayura says:

    Wow.. Sara s just amazing n an inspiration to lot of ppl out there.. Go
    Sara 🙂 

  16. Audrey Eggensperger says:

    I’m eating a marshmallow, I feel fat… Even tho I am average.

  17. MobiusX says:

    this is stupid, she was punching a bag with her hands when she had to use
    wrappings first, how stupid are the people who are training her? she can
    get injured

  18. Harlan1973 says:

    She is really pretty and a fighter. Go. Sara! 

  19. TheKathlyn76 says:

    She is going to help so many other people. She just has an amazing
    personality people are drawn to. And she’s gorgeous. 

  20. PlasticTrombonesAreStupid says:

    Wow. This girl… This girl is an insperation

  21. Sardinianheart says:

    Oh my gosh, she has the most beautiful laughter!!!! Such a sweet person!

  22. Katrina Parba,RN says:

    I’m addicted to this show.

  23. HippyLover says:

    I love Sara now I sooooo believed in her I believe in every one I love her 

  24. orcasound79 says:

    Sara is so pretty, even b efore she lost the weight. It’s a shame her
    sister is such a negative person, Sara’s beauty inside and out must be a
    threat to her. 

  25. Samantha Owens says:

    22:26 well chris just hopped on that treadmill quickly lol

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