Extreme Weight Loss – “Ashley” ( Season 2 / Episode 4)

Extreme Weight Loss -

On her 20th birthday, Ashley, a fashion conscious cosmetology student, receives the ultimate gift when trainer Chris Powell tells her that he will guide her …
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25 Responses to “Extreme Weight Loss – “Ashley” ( Season 2 / Episode 4)”

  1. Rachel Bonura says:

    she kinda looks like taylor swift

  2. MissGarland1986 says:

    Chris is super smokin’ hot! Heidi is a very lucky woman.

    Ashley is so beautiful.

  3. CloakAnd Dagger says:

    Thanksgiving is not a Christian holiday, what the fuck is her mother
    talking about??

  4. Jocelyn Marie says:

    Her sisters seemed so hateful. There was no loving interaction there. :/

  5. Carla Dilauro says:

    The amount of times I wanted to slap Ashley’s mom in the face exceeds the
    amount of minutes in this video. 

  6. S Smith says:

    fuck you , WalMart. they don’t actually care about Ashley, it’s just
    another chance for them to sneak in some advertising. 

  7. Xpenguin17revived says:

    37:55 Narcissistic cunt SMILES at her daughter’s failure to earn

  8. HalieIsHappy says:

    Is it just me or did most of her family still look rude and almost jealous
    even during her final weigh in. Like they were happy but they were like
    really a gift card? for her? It feels like Cinderella..

  9. macdaddy694 says:

    when you were one years old you remember seeing your dad…. fucking liar.

  10. Cinna Nicole says:

    That family is down right disrespectful. She needs to get away from that
    house if she is ever going to prosper. I can’t believe someone would treat
    their daughter, sister etc that way! 

  11. I♥P!nk says:

    Please don’t make fun of me … but I am 110 pounds and I am only 10 years
    So this video really inspired me to lose weight

  12. Lacora Clayton says:

    Has anyone noticed that Chris works with more women than men?

  13. Miriam Sid says:

    her family looked jelouse that she was offered an apartment. and then they
    looked happy when they found out she didn’t reach her goal, so no

  14. GuacamoleKun says:

    16% body fat is healthy for a 20-year-old WOMAN? I thought it was more like
    20-22%, and 16% was closer to what a man should have.

  15. AdaytoRemember2526 says:

    Anyone else getting some sort of love/sex vibe from these two? 

  16. MacAlexandra says:

    You did it Ashley, in spite of your family, against all odds… you did it.

  17. John B says:

    Ashley’s mother is the common denominator here. She’s is overweight herself
    and she DOES NOT want her daughter to be pretty and smart. Many biological
    “mothers” are like that with their daughters, especially if they can see
    that they (daughters) are intelligent and pretty. Insecure and jealous
    mothers will do everything in their power to demolish any confidence their
    daughters have. They don’t want their daughters to have what they never
    had. The “mother” comes along as a very difficult individual and she seems
    to have made Ashley’s sisters turn against her. Why? So the “mother” will
    not stomp her jealousy and knock them down too. Some will even go as far
    as calling their innocent preteen daughters sluts because they see their
    daughters as rivals. No wonder girls go around half dressed to prove
    themselves nowadays. They think that the more skin they show, the more
    self-esteem (they think) they’ll have. So what it all comes down to, that
    controlling evil woman probably did the same thing to her husband and that
    would explain why he f***** off. He had enough her her, but in the end, he
    had to save his own skin and leave his children behind. If you’re a woman
    reading this, you may have been down that road. Don’t let your mother kill
    your spirit ’cause a vast majority can, and they will. All in all. A big
    thank you to the “mothers” out there who have nothing better to do than
    emotionally destroy their beautiful daughters. Shame on you!

    p.s. may I add. A LOT of female elementary school teachers give their
    female students rough times too because of their insane jealousy. In most
    cases, men are better teachers than women. And it’s too bad that men who’d
    be excellent teachers and school principals, are afraid to be anywhere near
    schools because of few bad snakes. And for the record, I’m a woman, not
    John B. 😉 

  18. liz henson says:

    Ashley is so dramatic, who cares if her dad did drugs, parents F up in
    life, they’re people just like us, just forget about, move on and be the
    best person that “you” can be.

  19. Rissa Smith says:

    at the very end of it when chris gave her the 50,000$ gift card, her
    sisters and mother looked so selfish and hateful. I find it a little sad,
    how her dad who really was never in her life looked more happy for her than
    her mother and sisters who were living with her forever.

    On another note I cried so much throughout this because my bio “sperm
    donor” was never really apart of my life and was involved with crack and
    chose that over me and my mother I could relate so much because all she
    wanted was to try and get him to own up to was he did. even though she was
    so upset and angry with him, she still just wanted to know why and wanted
    to know if he still cared.

  20. Maegan W says:

    Was that a smirk on her mom’s face when she didn’t hit that 90 day goal?
    The family should have gone to a psychologist when the first signs of
    non-compliance were shown…

  21. Roisin Dubh says:

    The Mom was so happy she didn’t reach her first goal. The girl lost 68
    pounds in THREE months. She is an amazing woman

  22. Skylar Tamsin says:

    Her mom reminds me of my dad. He says he wants me healthy, he says he
    supports me. But all my life, he has raised me to be completely dependent
    on him. Every time I come home to visit he tries to convince me to move
    back in. He’ll sit and talk about how I need “the life skills in order to
    be independent,” just like Ashley’s mom, and all I can think is,
    “Seriously? And who was responsible for TEACHING those life skills, but
    never bothered to?” I don’t know how to drive, either. I don’t have a
    license, I’ve never had a job, and I’m almost 20 as well. Such selfish
    parents. Ashley’s dad left, my mom left for drugs as well, and she won’t
    take responsibility either. I just have so much in common with Ashley,
    except I’m not nearly that big. I would be if it weren’t for moving out
    with my boyfriend. I’m lucky. Now, I’m focused on being healthier too. I’m
    so happy for Ashley achieving her goals. I hope I can do the same. I have
    the same drive, despite all the obstacles. What strength we have. <3
    Congrats so much. 

  23. Lacy B says:

    She has the sweetest personality and looks great!

  24. Mattiemazing says:

    WOW her mom is an evil jealous witch. Did you see her smile when Ashley
    didn’t hot her goal weight in phase one? I’m so happy my own mother
    actually cares about me and my well being. 

  25. ergy jeudy says:

    Her sisters was like that filthy bitch he’s skinnier than me

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