Extreme Weight Loss – “Dana” (Season 1 / Episode 3)

Dana is a 44-year-old gospel singer who is 250 pounds overweight. He pops over a half dozen painkillers every morning to help deal with the result of his poo…
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Overweight for as long as he can remember, Tony attributes his nutritionally unhealthy lifestyle and food addiction to an unstable family life throughout his…

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49 Responses to “Extreme Weight Loss – “Dana” (Season 1 / Episode 3)”

  1. Cindy Serfontein says:

    18.45 , Go Chris Powel, I love that you would stand up for him, nobody has
    ever stood up for me, there should be more people like Chris Powel……. 

  2. manystar says:

    Dana is an adorable person, i hope his knee is doing better now. Chris is
    such an angel also. Great transformation.

  3. Eva H says:

    i dont think ive ever seen a better reaction to someone coming out. this
    made me really happy :)

  4. Amirul Syakir says:

    Chris is a good guy i know he won’t do such thing what he done on the
    bridge, but not saying it was wrong, it was the right move, luckily he’s a
    positive person, fulls with motivation in his head and a professional
    trainer so he just yell at that guy, if I were the camera man I would’ve
    ask Chris to hold the camera and really kicking that jerk’s ass and tell
    him to STFO, at least that “Fat” guy have a goal and life

  5. Siree Micky says:

    Awwwww the thank you part is really sweet… I’m so happy that he accept
    who he is :)

  6. Gaucho Adriana says:

    Quando se tem força vontade,vamos longe!

  7. Dustinwhoopwhoop Senda says:

    I see pizza ice cream ice cream chocolate bar wtf God wouldn’t make a gay
    he is against that . Get another excuss

  8. anneth villacis says:

    this guy is amazing!!!!! OMG i wanna hug both of them lol

  9. Kim Tan says:

    chris is so right, this is so real. things like aqua aerobics will not
    transform your body if you want drastic results. If u want wow results, u
    have to push push push, and feel the pain and fatigue at the end of the
    day. Nobody said losing weight and changing your body was easy at all!

  10. JayyGriffin says:

    I knew he was going to reveal he was gay. So predictable. 

  11. shaquana palmer says:

    This was so sweet , Dana is a wonderful guy!

  12. Re Yo says:

    i don’t think you can maintain weightloss if you feel deprived. he says ‘i
    wanted ice cream’ so instead of cutting it out 100%, find a substitute,
    like soy or a small pre -portioned container of low fat/ low cal ice cream,
    or even something like individual pots of yogurt or sherbet. Long term you
    will do better if you learn to moderate cravings instead of denying them –
    you’ll also re learn self control.

    for me, I wanted to eat less sugar, but I have an addiction to gummi cherry
    slices… instead of not having them I bought the tub and partitioned them
    out into little baggies of a serving each per day. I can have my cake and
    eat it too, even if it’s just a little at a time. :3

  13. crownedone200 says:

    Chris is so hot

  14. Aayliah Lee says:

    Thank….You! Love it. I wish I could see what he looks like now.

  15. jaymie barnhouse says:

    Very inspirational story godbkess you chris

  16. bookworm260194 says:

    I actually cried when that guy started mocking Dana. And I started sobbing
    when Chris told that guy to get lost. Chris, if you ever read this, I’m
    genuinely sorry for not watching this on TV, but they don’t really show
    this where I live. Also, you’re the reason i’ve started forcing myself to
    start losing weight. 

  17. stealthyferret12 says:

    I always watch these episodes, and can’t help but smile like an idiot when
    Chris makes his first appearance towards the ones who are chosen. They’re
    reactions, and just how happy they are. It’s such a good feeling.

  18. NECKBRACEGUY says:

    Good thing Chris told that fucking bum to fuck off.It’s always the pathetic
    losers mocking others.I would have tossed that bum over the bridge,end his
    misery for being homeless.

  19. Joakim Wiik says:

    love the personality of this guy.

  20. DUCK GMR says:

    I would of pushed that guy off the bridge if he called one of my friends

  21. ThousandsHardships says:

    WTF, being gay is such a bad reason to become morbidly obese…

  22. LaKenya says:

    “I’m young, I’m good looking, I’M JUST FAT!!!” Omgah #StoryOfMyLife 

  23. Kenyan Bunnie says:

    What a great man Dana is! Awesome!

  24. MyiaLaShaun says:

    Not a big shocker there. Boo. But who cares. Get this weight off and get
    sexy boo. 

  25. Fred Bruno says:

    Now that he lost all this weight his ex girlfriend is regretting what she
    did that’s what u deserve selfish ! They even offered her to join the
    journey but she didn’t. 

  26. Frizkoh says:

    holy shit…. leslies daughters are hot as fuck

  27. dan smith says:

    this episode with tony rocks

  28. Shy says:

    this show motivates .watch it everynight to keep me going for my next days
    work out etc

  29. rainbowmonkeys14 says:

    A broken engagement, being homeless and living on friends couches and
    dealing with the loss of his son…..and somehow he still managed to lose
    200 llbs. Inspiring! Such an amazing guy and a true accomplishment. So

  30. JusDuckie says:

    I need help with something. I’m new to “reality tv.” (I know…I’m a bit
    behind the times.) I don’t understand how these people are being surprised
    by this fitness trainer. This guy and his wife are tasting wedding cakes in
    a shop and suddenly the guy shows up and surprises them. But how? Isn’t
    there a film crew already in the shop? He and his wife would already have
    to be wearing body packs, right?–in order to be mic’d up? Can someone
    explain the format? I don’t think this makes any sense, but I know it’s
    quite popular, so I want to understand.

  31. no arara says:

    leslie is fat and stupid.

  32. Ceila Spiegelhalter says:

    Wow, Tony is the most inspiring person I’ve ever seen! He’s so strong and a

  33. GrapeJuice says:

    that I love you because he looks like S L J okay just me ;'( i need more

  34. Sead S says:

    Tony is adorable. He’s a true inspiration. Keep fighting Tony ! I cried…
    Very emotional story :'(

  35. Nick Rodriguez says:

    Looks like tony made himself some gainz…all kinds of gainz. Best episode
    by far.

  36. 103Catherine says:

    This episode was great.I’m so happy for him.What a great inspiration he is.

  37. Farhan Azman says:

    Tony looks the most physical difference of all the episodes since the first

  38. Anderson Silva says:

    pause at 9:28 and look at his face

  39. Andrea C Marshall says:

    What an amazing man, amazing story, amazing perseverance! Dreams come

  40. Nelson Brie says:

    Live for yourself first,then you have the right+ability to live for

  41. jessie pinkmen says:

    Holy shit I cried so much watching this , what a inspirational man ! :)

  42. Stephanie L. says:

    i went through an extreme weight loss by shedding straight tears from this

  43. Franky Boy says:

    best episode hes a boss! keep fighting tony

  44. Jake Deg says:

    R.I.P. Marcus 

  45. Maxine Nelson says:

    This was one emotional rollercoaster to watch, but so worth it. What an
    inspiration. *dries eyes*

  46. TheDeadWarlord says:

    Congrats tony your the nicest person i ever saw on tv

  47. Adina Stöckmann says:

    Tony, if you read this:
    You’re a HERO
    keep on fighting
    We’re proud

  48. MrTjcgaming says:

    please help im 13 and im almost 200 punds over weight and i might be

  49. Rob L says:

    I bet TONY used the giftcard for a wedding ring from KMart..

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