Extreme Weight Loss – “LaRhonda” (Season 1 Episode 5)

LaRhonda is a 24-year-old who has an addiction to eating. Overweight by 300 pounds, she struggles just to put on her pants in the morning. LaRhonda lost her …

Jayce grew up dreaming of becoming a famous musician. His father was a songwriter, but Jayce always dreamed of performing on stage. As a child, Jayce was dys…

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32 Responses to “Extreme Weight Loss – “LaRhonda” (Season 1 Episode 5)”

  1. Nick Rodriguez says:

    “whos this white boy with a drum?” could you imagine a white dude saying
    that about her…”who dis black girl with a weight problem?” He would be
    fired, sued, chastised, labeled a racist and forced to apologize
    publicly… #blackprivilege 

  2. Calibeachgirlie says:

    Chris is a God sent to people 

  3. CloakAnd Dagger says:

    Watching her on that bike looked like a killer whale giving birth.

  4. ThousandsHardships says:

    lol…she named her own fat!

  5. Molly Elizabeth says:

    Is it healthy to lose sooo much weight so quickly? in my experience its
    much easier to keep weight off when you go slower. Also, if youre
    morbidly obese and lose a massive amount of weight slower, your skin has
    more time to bounce back and it wont sag so badly. I could be wrong but
    does anyone know more about this? 

  6. Brooke Bommarito says:

    I need his help!! I am 140 pounds and 4’8 and I am 10 years old! 

  7. Ferensa Arnes says:

    help.. i always wondering which episode is on 0:19? i really want to watch
    it but i don’t know which episode.. ;_;

  8. Marko Glockner says:

    +lore kasie>>>Extremely Fast Weight Loss.Lose 9lbs In 11 Days>>>

  9. Rachel Bonura says:

    “i love you but dont touch me” me 

  10. Latoya Ferguson says:

    This is sooo sad and sweet.The overwhelming overweight people that has this
    in them builds my strength.Glad they have this

  11. Athalia says:

    Grandma though “Have mercy”

  12. The YouTube Judge says:

    is it harder for women to lose weight?

  13. d jnifer f says:

    Dr stoker looks and talks like a perv haahaa 

  14. char rosa says:

    10:20 poor knees

  15. jenjen jenny says:

    I cried all the way through the last weight-in xD such a lucky girl

  16. Rachel Bonura says:

    the way he says the booty 

  17. Jutta Maier says:

    Oh come on. That woman ist stil fat even after one year of controlled diet
    and exercise. She should have gone to India and do some volounteer work
    there. That would have bben more successful weightlosswise, and would have
    opened her self centered horizon, but I guess that wouldn’t have been worth
    a friggin TV show…

  18. Deja Rose says:

    “And I said who’s this white boy with a drum?” LMAO

  19. Nargis Khan says:

    She is still fat after weight loss. Of course she was enormously big but
    now she is just fat. She needs to lose weight another 80 pounds. She weighs
    230 or something she needs to weigh 150 pounds or something

  20. KYIRA Snog says:

    6days a wk 5hrs, sheesh that’s a lot of wrk. Good job


  21. Top Illuminati Investigator says:

    The scale Is obviously hacked so that if it goes above 333 it equals 333.
    Happens on almost every episode it ends up being the exact amount. Ex

    Dim weight as double
    If weight > 333 then
    Weight = 333
    Weight = weight + 0
    End if

  22. Chhiti Pandey says:

    i need to send a letter I am 140 pounds and 5 feet 2. I am so fat. Like a
    whale. I need a bootcamp.

  23. maggy mayfield says:

    I love this show but they always make me wanna start cryin damnit!! lol

  24. Kim Tan says:

    well done LaRhonda, u have shown the sweat tears and pain to get rid of
    nearly 200 pounds, and boy it is such hard work that it serves to remind
    everyone to not let the weight creep up,

  25. fiona lim says:

    Wow, She’s lucky to meet Chris Powell.
    I’m not that big but I tried to loose weight but not able to, I’m scared
    that one day
    will become that big.
    How I wish I could contact this trainer and get the recipes and exercise
    method they use in the video and get myself fit.

  26. Badass1stark says:

    Why don’t any of these guys weigh themselves at home? Are they not allowed?

  27. Supersize vs Superskinny says:

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 1 http://bit.ly/1tL4tY8

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 2 http://bit.ly/1wfVZJu

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 3 http://bit.ly/1vKamEr

  28. Sharon Weaver says:

    My real name is Jayce

  29. msoneofmanyify says:

    Are you going to post more supersize vs. Superskinny episodes ?

  30. Kyr Ydonas says:

    why the fuck is there on the whole internet just the 2nd part?!?!

  31. andyrh525 says:

    Thanks for posting. Do you have part 1?

  32. Kenyan Bunnie says:

    Part 1?

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