Extreme Weight Loss Methods That Work

Extreme Weight Loss Methods That Work

Size Zero… That darned fad which lead girls to wanting to lose inane amounts of weight, saw umpteen girls taking to drastic weight loss methods. But what most women do not realize is how unsafe most methods are. Or maybe they do. Truth is, we’ve all been at that stage where we call ourselves fat, even though we aren’t. When in our teenage years, we succumb to peer pressure and desire to look like every other plastic doll we see out there. When older, it’s about wanting to look good because we’re getting old. All we need is an excuse, since nothing’s ever good enough for us. What makes it worse is the insecurities and low self esteem that people suffer from because of being ‘fat’. The result of this feeling is inevitably about veering towards extreme weight loss methods. The list to follow is one with common methods used by most.

Extreme Weight Loss Methods That Work

Crash Diets / Extreme Diets
This one’s a no-brainer. It’s obvious, isn’t it, that not eating food, or really scrimping on meals will make you lose weight. There are several types of crash diets that are normally given a shot. The first such extreme one is giving up consumption of food altogether. While it may seem like a fabulous idea at that moment, the repercussions aren’t so fabulous. Consumption of nothing but liquids for days on end can only do more harm than good to your body, and health on the whole. While this is one option, another common one which people do not consider such a threat, is living off salads and fruits. This may be effective initially, for up to a few weeks maybe, but in the long run, the only thing that will happen is, your body will use up whatever energy it had stored until now, and you will feel too jaded to do a thing.

Diet Pills
This method comes in a close second. It mostly plays runner up for those people who are desperate to lose weight but cannot get themselves to reduce their food intake. The terrible part about this method is that it often comes with the risk of several side effects, as well as addiction. The use of those pills which have to be mandatorily prescribed by a doctor, are not easy to lay hands on, but over-the-counter prescription drugs are easily accessible, and highly unsafe. It isn’t surprising though that this method is one of the most common extreme weight loss methods for women, and men, especially by ones who are bordering on bulimia.

Surgery / Liposuction
A ridiculous extreme method, these two are among those methods which not everybody can opt for, mainly because of the monetary aspect. That apart, it is also a very painful procedure to go through. What’s also important is for people to bear in mind that something like liposuction is not a permanent solution. Wrong or bad eating habits could well bring you back to your former body type if care isn’t taken. Bariatric weight loss surgery is a frequently chosen option, especially by people dealing with obesity. A procedure where a part of the stomach is closed off so that large amounts of food cannot be consumed, this gastrointestinal surgery is a foolproof method in a certain sense, yet not quite the smartest move.

All said and done, the best thing to do is keep up with the attempt to stay healthy from day one. The desire to be thin isn’t wrong, as long as you turn to safe weight loss methods and stay healthy. I would like to conclude by saying that the methods being spoken of in this article should be stayed away from, and that being skinny doesn’t make you cool in any way.

Tommie Mil was a professional dieter until recently when she found a diet that that was foolproof. Today she is a fool for easy diets and easy exercising. Visit her site to discover Extreme Weight Loss Methods That Work.

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