Food Diaries: Local blogger Allie Ilagan of Navel Gazing

Food Diaries: Local blogger Allie Ilagan of Navel Gazing
That's where her blog, Navel Gazing, came into play. The blog became a place where she could experiment with exercising and document her journey to finish her first 5K. In doing so, Ilagan quickly realized how much diet and exercise go hand in hand.
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Biggest Loser's Kai Hibbard exposes show's dangerous weight loss secrets
In addition to psychological and emotional abuse, Hibbard said contestants are forced to eat unhealthy processed food provided by the show's sponsors — a far cry from the healthy diet message the program claims to promote. “My season had a lot of …

Area man loses 245 pounds, changes life
Maynard began his journey to a new body slowly with a new low-fat diet, shedding 70 pounds. Feeling healthier and more confident he joined the Coffman YMCA in Sprinboro and … Maynard has now run seven half marathons and a full marathon. Apart from …
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Rethinking weight loss
Some say that without exercise, you can't lose weight. Yet many don't lose weight exercising and are frustrated. One group says you can't lose weight unless you are vegetarian, vegan, or eat only fruits or vegetables. Others promote low carb, eating …
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