Food To Lose Weight – These Top 10 Veggies Are The Best Foods To Lose Weight

Food to lose weight – really? More info here: Discover if protein is important to lose weight, if your food has to be…

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25 Responses to “Food To Lose Weight – These Top 10 Veggies Are The Best Foods To Lose Weight”

  1. guideebook says:

    My favorite veggies to lose weight

  2. Desktop Kitty says:

    If only someone could create chocolate cake flavored veggies. This is
    great info. Could you do a list of 11-20? Also, isn’t tomato actually a
    fruit? Speaking of which, could you do a list of the top fruits? Thanks

  3. shaniemoo says:

    The narrator/speaker sounds like talking angela

  4. 1agentflick says:

    I agrree with the fact that all vegetables are healthy as they all provide
    an array of vitamins and nutrients that our bodies require. .. as for fat
    and sugar free products, that is a load of garbage.. fat and sugar free
    products contain fats and sugars and other nonsense and are double the
    price… avoid them at all cost…

  5. bizseveriz1 says:

    Sheeeeeps eat lots of meat? nooooooop, never but fattest animal on the
    earth… I mean real fat

  6. The CuddleBun says:

    I was picturing a robot speaking this to me.

  7. kv prasad says:

    food loss

  8. Dustin Warren says:

    If you want to take your fat loss efforts to the next level theres so many
    helpful ways on my new website 

  9. The Lifestylista ® says:

    Hola I really got into your movie – when you get a moment check out my
    channel :-)

  10. Prof. Tatta Vijaya Raghavacharyulu says:
  11. Kenneth Applegate says:

    #LoveYourBody by #Loving what you put into it!

    #LoveYourBodyCruise #HonourYourself 

  12. Dr . Rose Dawson says:

    veg. to wight loss

  13. x upshaw says:

    FYI cucumbers, tomatoes, and green sweet peppers aren’t veggies they are
    fruits just saying because fruits have seeds in them.

  14. Cheryl R Nelson says:

    Hey,Nice video.I am really impress about your video show.

  15. yelmbootcamp says:

    We recommend that you eat a serving of veggies, and a serving of protein at
    every meal. Eat small meals, 5 a day! 🙂 EAT! 

  16. trainer santos says:

    love all this great food

  17. Md Ali Hasan says:

    good food

  18. Paul Parmar says:

    Good video and good tips to lose weight. this video makes tips
    understanding easy.

  19. jocelyn solis says:
  20. shushu moh qu says:

    can i also add onion and garlic on my daily diet meal ? aside from these 10
    veggie ?

  21. Richard West says:

    Best food to eat to lose weight THANKS

  22. Oswald Luwela says:

    Thanks a lot ;i’m gonna use it

  23. Leah Kebede says:
  24. Times10 says:

    I love you video. Please check out and subscribe to my channel.

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