Full Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Full Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Here’s the Digital Food Scale I use to make Calorie Counting Easy http://amzn.to/1hGND2C And my favourite Spiral Slicer to turn ‘plain’ vegetables into healt…
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Top 10 Fat Loss Foods

5 foods to NEVER eat: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd4S In this episode, Sanela and I are going to show you how to cook delicious healthy meals that will help…
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50 Responses to “Full Meal Plan to Lose Weight”

  1. Jose Andrade says:

    When trying to lose weight, can grilled chicken be seasoned with salt and
    pepper, and if so, how much seasoning? Your videos are very helpful, thank

  2. xDarkxKairi says:

    So each meal you must eat around 200-400 calories? I thought that’s a lot.
    Since I only intake 225 for breakfast, 50 for snack, 180 for lunch, & 90-80
    for dinner. Is that’s why I’m not losing weight? I just don’t understand
    plus I heard you eat a lot in the morning and throughout the day you eat
    less in order to loss weight. Also I know how much calories I’m supposed to
    eat which is 1,019. Well cuz I’m wanna lose one or two in two weeks or
    less. Please tell me what think I should follow in order to lose weight
    hunnie :l

  3. amel lina says:

    Hi Joanna, is it ok to eat black rice (forbidden rice) instead of brown
    rice ? 

  4. spiderloserr says:

    tnx joanna i wan to try to los some weight if possible and this will giv
    me a idea on what plan i should hav also i just tryed the acovado eggs
    with toast it was so yummy never tryd it b4 lol im also goona try the
    chicken recipe but think i mite replace the cream cheese with greek yougert

  5. Chi Def says:

    Awesome video.I noticed that when I eat bread in the morning it slows me
    down. Is it necessary to have the toast with breakfast? Any substitutions?

  6. Kirstie Mills says:

    3-4 litres of water a day?! I’ll be spending the day in the bathroom. That
    almost seems like too much 

  7. jack carter says:

    For the breakfast could you just have egg? Or do you have to have avocado?

  8. Laarnie Deguzman says:

    Hi Joannah , its my 7th day now to eat healthy foods following this meal..
    i just have a question my Bmr is 1505 but this meal is more than 1505 , i
    am confuse? please help..

  9. WeirdViking says:

    Omg your guinnes mug was epic. Just the kind of awesome pint i’ve been
    looking for

  10. TacticalDegree says:

    Will you marry me? 

  11. Belle Femme says:

    Great video!! I am definitely going to try out these recipes. I love how
    easy and creative they are. BTW you look so healthy n glowing!! I have to
    increase my water intake for sure 🙂 

  12. WeBrickIt says:

    Starting today,I did you’re 7 minute morning workout,you’re 4 week
    challenge (lose 8 lbs) and you’re burning fat for beginners.
    How many weeks/months should it take to burn 15-20 lbs while using this
    diet? (Might switch up the meals a bit lol)
    I’m 13,5’7,I weigh about 136 lbs.my goal is 120 lbs. please reply!!! :D

  13. julie yusef says:

    is dancing like exercise? plz answear!

  14. sim kaur says:

    hi Joanna can you please answer why should we not eat white rice since i am
    Asian like u know we gotta eat rice too sometimes but just wondering why
    not white rice ? and by the way luv ur video 🙂 ^_^ oh and 1 more thing
    Joanna i am celiac means i cant eat wheat i hope that wont affect and i
    follow this meal plan or close and is it ok if i eat 1 small gluten free
    cookie rest of my diet is clean and high quality i am not fat just want to
    tone up 🙂 please answer

  15. StrangelyLexus says:

    Thank you so much! I will definitely try these.

  16. karenchakey says:

    Great meals! I am trying this. I lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago
    doing this same thing, On Sundays I use to prepare all my meals for the
    week so they were ready to go, I think that is key to have everything ready
    so your not tempted to eat something else! My problem is now I work third
    shift so my schedule is messed up, Thanks for diet plan I am going to start

  17. Juliet Tye says:

    Dear Joanna, what do u do with the egg yolks then? Do u throw them? I tend
    to feel it’s a waste to throw the yolks

  18. SilentAssasin425 says:

    Okay, so what happens on day 2….you just eat the same thing over
    again?….eating healthy is so

  19. Synthia Fagen says:

    Extremely helpful. Thank you.

  20. Carlee Catherine says:

    your voice annoys me

  21. Pony Light says:

    you are the best ^^

  22. celestialcircledance says:

    I’d debate unlimited fruits and veg . The corn you said we can eat in
    unlimited amounts is a whopping 606 a cup . Being greedy esp on 1500, i’d
    be piling it on by the time dinner rolled around lol .Fruits esp bananas
    and mangoes do add up .Avocado is technically a fruit . Potatoes are
    technically a vegetable so its a slippery slope . Fruits and veg on the
    whole are relatively low cal sure, beneficial and can add bulk to your
    diet but personally if i count calories i count everything !!!

  23. Nur Tricia Orbeta says:

    What if I’m from the philippines,and brown rice here is so expensive and
    most especially we eat white rice every single day.But I’m 15 my weight is
    53 and my height is 5’4.But we eat vegetables and fruits always.Please give
    me some advices so that I won’t lose confidence and be carefree from
    school.Thank you!

  24. Maggie Sexton says:

    Hi Joanna, I was just curious, when it comes to preparing the berry
    smoothie, is there an option to replace the Greek yogurt with another item,
    or is it necessary.

  25. Marvi Baloch says:

    thanks soh i am going to start today …. thanks again 

  26. Jon Hop says:

    Notice how the girl is really lean eating a lot of fruits & veggies, and
    the guy is kind of fat eating lots of beef and chicken?

  27. Mike Duke says:

    Too much sugar in fruits. Carbs turn into sugar in the body. So, those are
    not good foods to eat to lose weight.

    Turkey (Or chicken, but turkey is preferred) & low fat beef. Compliment it
    with vegetables (tomato’s, broccoli, spinach). That’s how you lose weight

  28. Jeff Gerlitz says:

    I understand it will drive more male viewers to have a thin female in the
    video. But man…I came for advice here. Mikes on a roll when he
    talks….she just slows him down. I appreciate her willingness to help,
    but she just pretty much repeats everything he says. You can even see it
    in his face when she talks. He’s like “girl, when are you going to be done
    talking so I can keep people interested in my video.” Haha

  29. ChocolateVideoss says:

    whats the name of the fiss? i dont understand this word… please

  30. KidGamerUnleashed says:

    mike chang why you such a fatasss?!!!!

  31. Isabella Aubrey says:

    Hi everyone!
    This is the end of your fat loss journey, and the beginning of your new
    lean self.
    You’re going to watch your body change, you’re going to feel your joint
    pain disappear, and you’re going to experience more confidence than you
    EVER have before — and you’ll do it ALL in just 4 short weeks.
    I encourage you to definitely investigation. Please review..
    Please look my first comment——>>>>>>

  32. _PM says:

    Not that I’m complaining but why is your shirt off

  33. Corbin Dallas says:

    You shouldn’t leave your fish or meat out all day to defrost, it will grow
    bacteria. Had to say this after she said she leaves her tilapia out all
    day when she goes to work to defrost.

  34. AJ Santiago says:

    Don’t vegetables give carbohydrates as well?

  35. Mak Ten says:

    I bet the sex is fucking brutal. 

  36. Skyla Shanell says:

    I don’t even hear his words…

  37. Corbin Dallas says:

    Jus having the vegatables in my house and not having bad foods, was like
    half the battle for me. 

  38. Giant Iron Claw says:

    Is he railing that chick? If so, good for him.

  39. Tru Vids says:

    5:59 that was the fakest laugh i ever heard..

  40. SuperRajunited97 says:

    3:36, Mike come on now bro. Nuff sed lol,…….

  41. Damon Braxton says:

    I heard beef ain’t good it sits in your stomach forever well not forever
    but for a while 

  42. Trevor Jee says:

    Do you guys arm wrestle in bed?

  43. Ches Barba says:

    He’s topless when he cooks. :>

  44. Giant Iron Claw says:

    Uhhhh…. my shirt fell off.

  45. kingkobe4425 says:

    Has mike ducked her already with his little Asian dick?

  46. Clueless Linh says:

    apparently she does the same for everything LOL

  47. Benjamin Joseph says:

    at 2:19, good sugar? lol. Sugar is sugar, no matter where you get it from.
    So annoying when people don’t know what they’re talking about. Fruit is
    good for some vitamins and fiber, but fruit is high in sugar, so don’t eat
    too much. She says eat as much as possible fruits and vegetables? lol.
    Too much sugar spikes insulin, which can make you fat.

  48. Peter Lee says:

    Guys don’t forget to buy his afterburn affect program lol

  49. Joker Productions says:

    I’m sorry, but for equality sake they should either both be topless or both
    have shirts on. 

  50. iLookfly says:

    She hot but kinda ugly. 

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