How I Lost 10 Pounds + Diet Tips

Instagram: Disclaimer: This is my personal weight loss story. I’m not a dietician. Check out Blogilates: App that I use:…

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24 Responses to “How I Lost 10 Pounds + Diet Tips”

  1. Nuralif Othman says:

    her voice is so sexy.

  2. YourOneAndOnlyLeek says:

    My aunt said that if you feel hungry after you already ate a meal then you
    should drink a glass of water and see if your still hungry.

  3. Vanessa says:

    I keep losing weight and putting it back on. It’s frustrating.
    Do you have any tips? 

  4. Courtney Reilly-Larke says:

    Finally a YouTube Vlogger who actually has a good vocabulary and is
    well-spoken :)

  5. Taeyu95 says:

    10lbs isn’t much, but you didn’t need to lose much anyway! So I’m happy for
    I’ve lost 35lbs recently.
    I’m still fat though, compared Jen. I’m 106lbs and 5’2.5 … ugh

  6. Elyannie Bonano says:

    Super great tips! I agree with a lot of what you said. Some stuff you
    mentioned i’m already doing… When you mentioned blogilates i literally
    yelled for joy 🙂 i love her videos, thanks for posting. 

  7. Angela Mercado says:

    I lost a lot of weight in a matter of three-months time or so. I would say
    I lost 10 – 20 pounds. I didn’t skip meals, or count calories like everyone
    thought I did. I also didn’t exercise regularly. What helped me was to be
    more cautious about what I am eating in Asian countries, Rice IS a staple.
    But sadly, white rice bloats and makes you fat. When our household switched
    to Brown rice, not only me, but all of us started losing weight! Brown rice
    may not be as “soft” as white rice, but it tastes better in my opinion and
    if it doesn’t for you, I guarantee you that you’ll get used to it by time.
    I also Detox my body every one or two weeks and literally drank a ton of
    water. I definitely agree with the tips Jenn said.

  8. Maria Asimaraki says:

    There are soooo many people down here saying she shouldn’t make a whole
    sandwich & then throw the bread away. She OBVIOUSLY means doing that when
    you’re eating out! If she was the one who made the sandwich she would 1.
    Use one slice of bread and 2. put as much of the sauce as she wants in
    order to NOT throw it away later. For God’s sake! 

  9. ASUBAYAH says:

    An African kid cried while dying when you said you threw away the bread.

  10. Jacqueline Wiafe says:

    An update would be great! 

  11. Natalie Soza says:

    She is so pretty 

  12. Basia Krol says:

    Nice hair style you look beautiful

  13. Ari Melbourne says:

    Thanks for making this Jenn! The people who say 10 pounds isn’t much
    clearly didn’t bother watching the start of the video.

  14. SaeMeh14 says:

    Your voice, your hair, your body, your eyes! OMG U ARE PERFECT!! This
    helped a lot and your funny. Love it jennnnn n

  15. Deb Regala says:

    This is actually very inspiring. :)

  16. Gabrielle Medrano says:

    Im 5’4 and 120 pounds do I need to loose weight? :(

  17. Schmancy pants says:

    Your pretty much right, I cut carbs after 2pm & replace them with greens. I
    park far away so I can walk but most things you’ve said is similar to my
    diet & I’ve lost 15pounds in 2months I’ve got heaps more to go but it’s
    work for me. Thanks for sharing you tips x

  18. Melissa Leunufna says:

    you look like selena gomez there!

  19. Isabella Phillips says:

    I remember watching this video a year ago and I followed her tips and
    actually lost weight! I joined my schools cross country team, started going
    to the gym, and ate really well. I ended up losing 15 pounds. But then I
    got stressed out and gained 20 pounds. 🙁 helllpppp

  20. Carolina Ibanez says:

    Well I started loosing some weight when I stopped eating at night and i
    also played tennis after school so I drank a lot of water still kinda do
    and that helped 

  21. Jennifer Shen says:

    I eat boiled vegetables for dinner and work out everyday. Strengthening,
    pilates and cardio in different days so you are never bored. Yesterday I
    joined a frisbee team and played with the boys. It will make you more
    accountable and boys don’t mind to have a girl joining them even if I suck
    really really bad. Lastly, I only eat bigger meals if I go out, but rest of
    the time, I leave carb in the morning and rest of the meal light. I get
    those flavorless fiber and add into water to help colon cleansing. And
    remember to sleep early so next day you feel refreshed and ready to work
    out and work. 

  22. Random Potato says:

    You are so pretty and I like your makeup! 

  23. Ruby Patwary says:

    I’m getting cheese fries

  24. Caroline Jones says:

    10 pounds = 4,5 kg 

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