How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy (NO EXERCISE)

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50 Responses to “How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy (NO EXERCISE)”

  1. Abigale Kirsten says:

    @jaydin lambert Not really i have better food at home :)

  2. Abigale Kirsten says:

    @imansabet Yes i do unfortunately. This happens for not all but some people
    based on skin type

  3. Jennifer Bryant says:

    The Daily Diva just posted the same Oolong Tea on for anyone
    looking for it

  4. Crazier Ani says:

    +Abigale Kirsten Hey Abi! I loveee your weight loss plan. You’re the only
    person who I feel like I can really trust in. I just wanted to ask, you
    said we can snack on biscuits. Are chocolate oat biscuits okay? Or do I
    need to eat plain ones.

  5. Spirituality1980 says:

    Thank you so much, +Abigale Kirsten ! This has and will continue to bring
    so much happiness into people’s lives! Greetings from the island of Malta
    (Europe)! :)

  6. Sandra Scott says:

    I know that everybody is asking How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy with NO
    EXERCISE but motivation is necessary . Actually i’m trying to lose weight
    an i’m reading the new Ricky Dawson’s free report “The 7 Golden Tips” . It
    also contains a lot of valuable information . Thank you again for inspiring
    me !

  7. Danielle Richardson says:

    Did you excersise?.

  8. IAmAweSomeMane says:

    Guys just follow the tips from here
    *ebookflame. com/0i63*
    they worked for me. they will work for you too.

  9. Simon Mikula says:

    Okay so I have lost 42 pounds since I last watched this video about 5
    months ago,
    I have been drinking the green tea but I don’t believe you can lose al lot
    of weight just by being on a diet the key is to exercise that’s what worked
    for me but if any one actually lost weight without exercise you are so

  10. Abigale Kirsten says:

    @sisi h im not sure how to answer that, i would say curves are kept if for
    1, your curvy :P. If your talking about fear of reduced breast size then
    its inevitable because if your overweight, your breasts are gonna be
    bigger, if you reduce, your breasts will too. My sister didn’t reduce
    however so this varies. I would do squats to maintain curves and waist

  11. Guillermo Fernandez says:

    +Abigale Kirsten Please Answer! you see think hta i’m normal 1,70 meters
    and 168 pounds but still i get bullied at school for the fact that i’m fat
    so aby if i may call you like that i wanted to ask you some things but
    kinda in a private way idk facebook or something and random people on
    youtube coul you thumbs up beecause i’m really desperate thanks

  12. Louisa Mitchell says:


  13. WarDamnATL says:

    +Abigale Kirsten Wow very informative. I’m not trying to lose weight, but
    just for the health benefits, I’m going to incorporate some of this into my
    workout routine. My gf on the other hand is trying to lose weight, so I’ll
    have to give you an update on how this all turns out.

  14. Tracy Williams says:

    I need to lose weight fast and easy. I heard that the weight loss
    supplement Garcinia Cambogia works for fast weight loss. Has anyone lost
    weight by taking the Garcinia Cambogia?

  15. skysthelimit780 says:

    Hi Abigale! Awesome video and well done on losing so much weight, this is
    really inspirational. Just a question though: why no bread and rice?

  16. EpicElizabeth6 says:

    Green tea makes my head hurt ( it run in the family) so what else can I
    drink besides that? Also is soy milk good for you? Chocolate soy milk

  17. Abigale Kirsten says:

    @Randomly xo not sure, i don’t like pill intake for weightless, i don’t
    know why. so i wouldn’t know the results

  18. Rossandra Ortiz Torres says:

    I plan to try this, I was wondering if shredded wheat cereal n honey
    bunches of oats is ok in the morning cuz I usually don’t eat big thing
    breakfast n I’m a cereal I love cereal n I’m willing to just eat
    those two cuz they seem the most healthy n honey nut Cheerios, but I wanna
    know if u think that’s a good cereal to eat?

  19. Tina Cuty says:

    +Abigale Kirsten if i mix it ith milk , will it be okay? or should i drink
    it with only hot water?

  20. Xandra Isidro says:

    +Abigale Kirsten Ahmm can I substitue Koko crunch for my breakfast ??
    Please answer have a nice day !

  21. chris samuel says:

    The only way in hell this would work is if your diet before was complete
    shit eating everything in site and you just cleaned it up instantly 

  22. Kay Lee says:

    How are u suppose to warm up green tea?

  23. Angel Weiler says:

    ok so i’m 13 and i am 140 pounds, the thing is i lose weight pretty easily,
    and i gain weight easily. So will this still work on me even though i am
    this young and i gain and lose easily? This would be awesome if it worked
    on me. Please reply.

  24. Briana Waters says:

    Does it matter it you use regular green tea instead of green tea teabags??

  25. christy thebeau says:

    Hi! I didn’t know one can be so slim as you with out exercise. I just wanna
    ask if which is better, the lipton green tea or twinings green tea + lemon?
    a reply would be appreciated. Thanks!

  26. toXzjEeeENG says:

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  27. Anton Rufalski says:

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  29. holems cecil m says:

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  30. Igor tsapoy says:

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  31. Sajendra Maharjan says:

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  32. Shelley Olds says:

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  33. Samantha Johnson says:

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  35. PSNnubs says:

    lol very entertaining vid, subbed and liked:p

  36. ntploan0016789 says:

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  37. Lorenzo Lopez says:

    sounds pretty good to me.

  38. Valera Nikras says:

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  39. TimeToPlay8433 says:

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  44. Andriy Chormov says:

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  47. clerigo1978 says:

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  50. Vova Zenkov says:

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