How to lose weight fast for women weight loss diet plan, how to lose 10 pounds in a week, drop 5 lbs

Below’s the free diet plan to lose weight fast for women…
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VEGAN Diet: I Lost 12lbs  | Effective Weight Loss PLAN | Diet Tips | Healthy Weight Loss

The Most Effective Weight Loss Plan & Programmes!! Weight Loss and Fat Loss has always been everybody’s goal. and by far the Most Effective way is to follow …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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37 Responses to “How to lose weight fast for women weight loss diet plan, how to lose 10 pounds in a week, drop 5 lbs”

  1. Kelly Grey says:

    Part of this is pretty misleading girlfriend, if you want to push something
    to make money fine but be careful of what you tell people because some of
    them will take it verbatim. A 2500 calorie deficit per day ? Are you high
    ? Some people’s base calories for a day are only about 2100, that means
    how many calories they can eat in a day without gaining or losing weight.
    Clean up your explanation “Shit House Dietician”, oh wait that’s right your
    just trying to make a buck at other peoples expense. I wonder what the FTC
    would think about this video. 

  2. benjamin uk says:


  3. Sarah Glynn says:

    This be retrded….
    Sorry was trying to speak in broken english like all the commenters
    upselling this horse shit for you

  4. Megan Horton says:

    Get for free, the diet plan to lose 5 lbs in a week for women

  5. Abhra Roy says:

    Wow! Sounds neat. I will definitely share this video with my girl. Good

  6. Namo Asi says:

    Its really a great inspirational video

  7. Aswani Kumar says:

    great video the women who want to loose their weight they have follow tips
    in the video

  8. jasik sha says:

    thanks for the helpful video 🙂 the presentation may inspire all women 

  9. binu asokan says:

    really usful information.

  10. Bhavna Shahani says:

    Thanks for the routine,it helps a lot to loose the weight……thanks a

  11. melody felipe says:

    nice video i will share this for my friends its very helpfull for those who
    wanted to lose weight.its very nice way from losing weight.thanks!

  12. Pavel Silviu says:

    Useful information for my sister, I’ll tell her the diet thanks!

  13. Achutharaj Achu says:

    i like this video..thank you


    obesity is big problem in the world you provide good technique to reduce
    body fat and this natural way so it does not have any side effect.

  15. Webcam chat with live cam girls says:

    Great video 🙂 I downloaded the routine 4 days ago, and already I am down 2
    pounds. Thanks

  16. rizvana iffath says:

    thank you for this great diet plan it helps to loose weight

  17. Adela Ranta says:

    i started your routine today, i feel great but i am really sore, is it
    normal to feel so sore after the 1st day?

  18. Navin Agrawal says:

    this video is great for how tolose weight fast best diet plan for women how
    to lose weight in a week so very usefull video. 

  19. Subin James says:

    i enjoy the viedo

  20. Sohel Rana says:

    This is the best diet plan tips for women. This video will be really very
    helpful for those women who want to lose weight.

  21. Athiyappan Alagukrishnan says:

    Easy and Fast way of routine.
    Thanks for the Video.

  22. G.Benett says:

    Very interesting and informative video.I will suggest your plan to some of
    my friends.

  23. Mohammad Ali Mehebub Hassan says:

    Thanks for the great video, by this tutorial suffered people can get rid of
    their belly bomb.

  24. Jessica Andrews says:

    Where’s the link

  25. Bogdan Heather Valeanu says:

    I enjoyed the video, but because I am a man I gave the info to my wife. She
    enjoyed reading the diet plan and she will start it next monday. Will let
    you know her progress. Thanks a lot and will let you know how things go :)

  26. Well by Mel says:

    Thanks for sharing your ups and downs girl! You do look pretty perfect
    either way…super healthy and happy:) 

  27. Mary's Test Kitchen says:

    Hahaha that’s me too! Up and down..but it’s ok. I want to have what I want
    to have. 🙂 I love your YouTube “Professional” style. <3

  28. ally heart says:

    size 8 in Australia? converting to a size 4 in the usa? right? btw your
    motivation makes me happy haha

  29. Jennifer Sinclair says:

    Awesome video! You’re beautiful. What exercise do you do? 

  30. TheVeganArtist ™ says:

    You rule girl! Thanks for this video!! :-)

  31. Liz Lugo says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve tried so many diets without success 🙁 it’s nice
    to see when diet styles do work for people

  32. Hayley Purple says:

    WOOHOO VEGAN!! I am becoming apart of this whole vegan side of YouTube and
    I love the humour!! I live in Canada and have finally started making
    videos. You and so many other Youtubers have inspired me! Good luck in all
    you do :D

  33. LifeInMyEyesx3 says:

    This is so true! In everything in life, there are always fluctuations of up
    and downs, and to succeed you just have to keep on riding them till you get
    your goals. Wonderful video! 🙂 

  34. WhoIsSophrosyne says:

    Apologies for a video-less week :'( been busy.
    Happy Friday 🙂
    A little history of my Weight loss story.. the ups and downs…
    the fluctuations.


  35. Weight Loss & Diet Plans says:

    Loved this! Subscribed :)

  36. Catharina Ilona says:

    I love your videos so much, they are so helpful! Problem with me is, Indeed
    I guess, too much fat (I am vegan) but sometimes I just don’t know what
    else I could eat to fill up all of my calories! I eat a lot of fruit, but
    it’s not enough for the right calorie intake (and that would get hella
    expensive too). Any tips? 

  37. Leonie Makuch says:

    Do not waste your time anddollars and efforts on fat losspills or
    ointments since their outcomes if any are just non permanent.

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