How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting – 3 Simple Tips

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting - 3 Simple Tips

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25 Responses to “How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting – 3 Simple Tips”

  1. NaturallyLocked nLovely says:

    Hello please give examples of a meal. If I am to eat 200-250 calories per
    meal every 3-4 hours PLUS include all the Macronutrients (Carbs, Fats,
    Protein) within each meal, can you give an example? I was under the
    impression from other readings that an apple would count as a ‘meal’.
    Likewise proportionally, pasta, lean fish and a salad would also count as a

  2. Tania T. says:

    why no carbs before bed? do you have credentials in nutrition??

  3. LeeLee K says:

    Thank you Joanna so much for these tips cause I always would starve myself
    and I knew that wasn’t a good way. Also you have helped my life so much
    with losing weight and I can now wear a bikini for the first time in I
    don’t know 4 years. THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL

  4. gie abalos says:

    Hi ms +JoannaSoh .. Can i ask .. What is the right time to take my meal
    during bfast,lunch and most especially during dinner time to loose weight?
    Ill wait for ur answer .. hope u can help me thank u :))

  5. WeBrickIt says:

    I’m 13,61 kg/136 lbs,how many calories should I eat? I usually eat
    1500-1700 per day is that good? My goal is 122 lbs or less! Please reply

  6. nikith69 says:

    hey Joana can you explain the 4 to 5 meals a day thing to me?? can i just
    eat a fruit or some thing every 4 hours?

  7. Ashley ASHLEYM says:

    800-1250 calories a day for a women is too little, an average women should
    about 2000 calories a day. Also a man should not have 1600-2250 a day and
    average man should have about 2500 calories a day.

  8. Alice Nomshado says:

    I don’t know where to start since its my first time diet? In terms of
    buying simple grocery please respond urgently

  9. Nicole Dacunha says:

    I have done the no gluten diet and i lost a tone of weight! It works fast
    easy and helthy!!

  10. Mejo Hawsawi says:

    Have you tried gluten free diet ?

  11. How's That Channel says:

    Hi Joanna, your video made good sense to me. It is consistent with my
    reading research. Also the tip about rice. I feel intuitively that rice is
    a good source of carbs and it doesn’t have the glycemic value of bread. I’m
    going to try you regime. I’ll get back to you if I manage to pull it off.

  12. Tony Finoro says:

    Good explanation. How to stick to it is another question. 

  13. Amnah Raad says:

    Im 35 not years old thats my weight and i wanna get it to 20 hows that?

  14. bunny says:

    What i’ve been doing recently is eating carrot sticks for lunch with a few
    different dips – I usually hardly eat any fruit or veg because i’m not keen
    on it, but eating it with dips makes me feel like i’m eating fries haha >.<

  15. Carolina Daltton says:

    I eat every two or two and a half hours is that okay?
    I dont eat as much as i should eat but i eat like breakfast strawberries an
    banana slices with peanut butter like sandiwch, the 2 hours later i eat 2
    egss, 2 hours later apple slices with peanut butter and almonds sandiwch,
    and things like that because i like to eat little snacks..

  16. mimi f says:

    I really appreciate this video because the average human doesn’t live off
    of just fruits and veggies and they shouldn’t have to, cause that’s not the
    only way to be healthy! I’m still going to not eat fast food and candy and
    soda, but I am NOT cutting out fish and rice cakes, heck no. If you follow
    HER tips and workout, you will lose all the weight you need to lose.

  17. Lena Sneah says:

    How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting – 3 Simpl…:

  18. Thomas Saunders says:

    good diet plan

  19. Bhavika Mehta says:

    I want to reduce give me proper diet I m vegetarian

  20. macel tuazon says:

    Can I just eat fruit every 3-4

  21. Nicole Sparkles says:

    thank you this helped me so much

  22. Hoiye Tang says:

    But how many meals should one have per day? And can I snack. Because I tend
    to snack sometimes (I find it hard to stop)

  23. drewflame9 says:

    You can eat more fat if you don’t eat carbs, because carbs trigger an
    insulin response that makes you store fat. Eating healthy short chain fats
    like coconut oil, avocado, and grass fed butter are a great way to loose
    weight and will boost cognitive function because the short chain fatty
    acids are what the brain uses as fuel. 

  24. Kezia Talla says:

    Im 10 and i feel fat and bloted i hate my body when ever i try to workout
    or eat healty food it never works I REALLY HAT MY BODY what do i do???

  25. Tamara Anderson says:

    Im new to your site and I love it. 

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