How to Lose Weight in A WEEK | Effective Diet to Lose Weight in a Week

Here The Link: For Men: In this video, I’ll show you …

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26 Responses to “How to Lose Weight in A WEEK | Effective Diet to Lose Weight in a Week”

  1. Douglas Reed says:

    Hi everyone… Could anyone of you suggest me good weight loss program for
    my wife? She has big problem with overweight. She has tried different
    methods and trainings but no one really worked for her (last time she lost
    10 pounds in 2 weeks and now she is gaining pounds again). If anyone knows
    any good weight loss program, please reply!
    Thanks in advance! 

  2. raw9025 says:

    This video is 100% true. Sometimes the truth is so simple, people can’t
    believe it. Good video!

  3. roxanne lowery says:

    When I started out I was 106, and then now, a few days later, I’m 103.5,
    and still losing! Thank you!! I needed to lose weight…. 

  4. Daniel Baltierre says:

    Thank you so much this plan worked so well I lost 20 pound in 6 months
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you bye

  5. بسنت طشطوش says:

    Pleeeeeaaaaaseee guys .. I want any one tell me about his diet .. because I
    want to lose 20 lbs baaaaadddlllyyyy … pleeeaaaaaaaaaasssseeeee 🙁 and
    tell me a good workout … or send me a link of diet video .. love u guys
    soooooooo much and thank you very much 

  6. Amanda P. Fraser says:

    How to Lose Weight in A WEEK is a big question. Well…i’ve been always
    looking for an effective diet to lose weight in a week. Actually i’m
    reading the new Ricky Dawson’s free report “The 7 Golden Tips” . It also
    contains a lot of valuable information on how to drop pounds without
    struggle. Thank you again for inspiring me!

  7. MadmanMeathead says:

    Can anyone give me any tips and advice for losing weight and getting fit, i
    am 17 years old and I’m currently 12 stone five pounds and 5foot8, my
    fitness is terrible. I want too lose weigh and get fit because i am
    planning on joining the Royal Marines in a couple of years any tips and
    help would be much appreciated, cheers. 

  8. brandon browning says:


  9. Novembre Pleut says:

    Wanna find out how to make your own tailored meal plan? Click on the link
    to my FREE DIET HARD SERIES which takes you through it step by step.

    PLUS learn the secret psychological strength of setting up your very own
    Diet MISSION STATEMENT. Now you’ll NEVER falter again on your journey to a
    new you.

    SAVE hundreds of pounds and start getting into the best shape of your life

    Yippee Ki ya Mother fuckers

  10. hi says:

    I just ate 2 apples and bout 5 bottles a day and in a week I had lost heaps
    but this is probably healthier oh and if ur gonna do what I did try to cut
    down on food slowly so ur used to not eating as much that way ur not
    starving ur self

  11. Leah Mangan says:

    So this is a fucking joke is it ????? Water is good but it makes you gain
    weight I domt get this 1 bit

  12. Melanie Violet says:

    If you dedicate yourself over the next 21-days and follow The 3 Week Diet
    as outlined, you will be walking around with 12 to 23 pounds of body fat
    gone from your waist, hips, thighs, belly and butt. Your clothes will be
    looser, you’ll look healthier and more attractive…and you’ll have more
    energy than you’ve ever had in a long, long time.

  13. Ben Robinson says:

    How can i do this without doing any of these things. Maybe some kind of
    drug ?

  14. Heather Bennett says:

    I see a LOT of young people posting on here (under 15), for your bodies,
    it’s a lot different! You are still growing and maturing your bones.. if
    you are overweight at this age, it is mostly due to lack of exercise than
    anything. Cut your portions down, yes, drink more water, yes.. but mostly,
    get your butt outside!!

  15. Lila Moonshine says:

    Hey ! I still study in school and so it isn’t really easy to drink water
    throughout the day since you shouldn’t drink too much after your meals, and
    the water at the sink isn’t drinkable , so I usually drink less than a
    liter of water a day. Even when I get home, I just don’t feel thirsty, I
    guess my body gets used to this lack but do you guys have any ideas for
    making me thirsty ? Eating a bunch of salt isn’t listed in my dreams :’) 

  16. Klaudia Calic says:

    Drinking more Than 2 to 3l a day can be very bad for your kidneys!

  17. cece glitter says:

    Thank You so much i really had a hard time like losing weight and it was
    right in front of my face all i need to do is drink water and eat healthy
    things thank u so much because i ma going to my grandmas house for
    thanksgiving and when i see her i want her to see me in good shape thank u
    so much and not all chubby thank u so much thank u !

  18. nienke huijbens says:

    Drinking more water huh… Okay! I’ll start right now! *walks to kitchen..*

  19. Aviana Jolie says:

    How to Lose Weight in A WEEK | Effective Diet to Lose Weight in a Week

  20. Kaylie McFadden says:

    Thankyou For those tips, though I’m still a kid, I do lots of sports and I
    just don’t feel confident, any more. I hope this works!

  21. Laura Dzayee says:

    Eat a lot of….NUTELLA!!! Sometimes i wanna be skinny and wanna gain
    weight so i can eat alot of it!!

  22. Lily Clark says:


  23. Mia Michelle Fagerheim says:

    Hey. Oh? Im sorry.. didn’t anyone tell you that it is DANGEROUS TO DRINK TO
    MUCH WATER???? HUH?!

  24. BlueJohnXD says:

    Can someone please tell me if this works really well, if you’re able to
    lose a lot of weight in about a week from this? I’m pretty fat for my age,
    but I really want to lose weight and need to fast…I think I have around 2
    weeks? Maybe a bit under (or a few days over)? Please somebody, help me if
    you can!

  25. Yumyum Holmes says:

    i was like, “that’s common knowledge, i already know all this” and then i
    stayed for the cats :3

  26. Documentaries 360 says:
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