How to lose weight tips, Weight loss diet-healthy

Hi all, This is a video about healthy diet and loosing weight. By following these instructions you can lose half kg in one week. If you want to lose weight t…

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  1. Ayoub Tube says:

    Oh hai! Pretty video. But video will certainly not lose weight for you. My
    friend discovered a thing called Ziyonce Fat Loss Pins on the internet. She
    had wonderful results with the system and is dropping three pounds a week
    with the plan. You can find it on line. Too much body fat is not good for
    you it’s better to lose it!

  2. ritikavasu says:

    Thank u!

  3. Kirtida Sakla says:

    Pankaj Bhaiya u Rock……

  4. Fonseca lovee says:

    what did he say!


    Thanks for the tips. 

  7. Reshmi Shah says:


  8. Zainul Hasan says:
  9. sofia goulaas says:

    mein yeh sab karti follow karti hoon 4 litre water piti hoon jaise apne
    kaha aisi hi diet hai meri par abhi mujhe 15 din huye haii toh mera sirf 2
    kg loose hua haii ho jayega na ?pankaj ji

  10. abu hasan says:

    The suggestion to drink 3 litres of water is absurd.

  11. sheenkay khan says:


  12. Swati Singh says:

    thnk u..

  13. Nimra khan says:

    Thanks bro

  14. saroj rani says:

    i want lost my fat

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