Jillian Michaels simple weight loss tips | Lose Belly Fat | Quick Fast Weight Loss

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11 Responses to “Jillian Michaels simple weight loss tips | Lose Belly Fat | Quick Fast Weight Loss”

  1. Lisa Phoenix says:

    she’s wearing some AMAZING heels !!

  2. Brother Man says:

    I thought that if your pee is yellow you’re dehydrated. I’m confused.

  3. stephen wirth says:

    6by 6 rule take it from the bodybuilders they no how 2 get in shape

  4. stephen wirth says:

    4 by 4 ruke is not enough protein

  5. stephen wirth says:

    she is so wrong 4 meals r not enough… hey u wont get fat because u dont
    have 2 eat carbs every meal

  6. Valerie G. Abad says:

    It’s im­possible to lose fat safely with out work­ out cor­rectly and
    manage the diet. Pills and drugs includes dangerous side effects.

  7. stephen wirth says:

    but u needddddd proteinnnn more oven then 4 times aday

  8. Alif ahamed says:

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  9. stephen wirth says:


  10. jaman alom says:

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  11. Tapon Mahamud Jony says:

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    weight with it.

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