Live Chat with Corrina: Health Q&A, Weight Loss, Diet Tips, Nutrition and Wellness

Live Chat with Corrina: Health Q&A, Weight Loss, Diet Tips, Nutrition and Wellness

Video Rating: 4 / 5

The 3 Week Diet System - How to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose Weight Fast Check out the new additional add-ons: The 3 Week Diet Private Coaching Add-On…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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29 Responses to “Live Chat with Corrina: Health Q&A, Weight Loss, Diet Tips, Nutrition and Wellness”

  1. Heury Silva says:

    You are a perfect girl baby :D

  2. Posture King says:

    You have got it wrong psyche truth, raw till 4 is keeping carved up on
    fruit till 4pm eating ad much as you desire then getting your starches in
    after 4pm such a rice/potato.. you never calorie restrict. Calorie
    restriction is not sustainable and it makes you feel like shit. Raw till 4
    is about staying carbed up…

    The bonus is actually healing the body

  3. Hamdan Albriki says:

    I need to now also how to cook a steak healthier

  4. Hamdan Albriki says:

    How to cook fried egg in a healthy way

  5. Hamdan Albriki says:

    Back in abudhabi we have only green feed cows and other animals

  6. Sarah Shireland says:

    Where can you buy it

  7. Ralph Morton says:

    I must say this is the way to build a video for a great product. Well done.

  8. ujay bev says:

    am going to try this 21days diet stuff…. i hope it works because i have
    taken pills and tea and exercised and even cut down calories but nothing
    yet… So i will come back after to write my result 

  9. ahmed shalaby says:

    How can i buy it??? 

  10. danny boy says:

    I am a fat 16 year old and I am going to try this diet I’ll be back in
    three weeks to let u no if I can feel a change 

  11. Keith Kok says:

    Amazing results.. Unbelievable.

  12. Lmae Manabat says:

    How can I buy? Im located at the philippines.

  13. Hala Madrid says:

    I bought the diet and i’m about to finish my first phase!
    I just have a couple of questions about the further more phases. Could you
    provide me with your email please :)

  14. Gamer Rosario says:

    Lost 30 kilos in 30 days on this diet! Love it!

  15. Kazuhiro Onodera says:

    where can i download this?

  16. Nathan Costello says:

    There were times when I was an element of fun in my office due to my
    obesity.I tried different medicines but they hardly showed up…But, the 3
    week diet system changed my lifestyle. Today I am really happy person…

  17. Kellyl Smith says:

    5’5 and 240 pounds. Yes, I know I am slowing dying and this is my last
    hope as the doctor told me if I don’t lose weight I will have complications
    with my pregnancy. I need this diet to work!

  18. Patrick Hannan says:

    I like this video

  19. Rashmi Shankarnarayanan says:

    hi i want to try this diet i have to take any tablets .. if yes then
    from where i can get it … i am from india 

  20. Denise Augustus says:

    I need this in my life

  21. Crysta Craven says:

    I plan 2 order this as soon as I can, I am a single mother full time
    college student w/very little income I have 49 cents in my bank acct. so I
    cant get this right now but soon as I can I am getting it.

  22. adhi gunawan says:

    Thanks a lot,
    2 weeks i’ve loss 7 Kg,
    though i didn’t follow all the rules,
    can u imagine if i followed all the rules???
    now i’m still working on it, another 9 Kg need to throw…
    again…Thanks a Lot,
    very brief explanation on the book,
    oia can i ask u something?
    i need some information to do workout at home without go to gym.

  23. Humaira Hussain says:

    Thank you! This video is really helpful…where can I get this ‘DIET MANUAL
    ‘ here in Kashmir (India).. is this available in ebony form…

  24. Haris Mej says:

    Does all the books 2gether cost Rs 2335

  25. Fred Gantt says:

    I don’t comment much on youtube but this really works and if your scared
    to make a change in your life don’t be as this diet really works as its not
    so much a diet but a lifestyle change

  26. Shane DonageM says:

    I will not give out the secret but it amazes me as I have been through
    pills, promises and every diet known to man. Please if you are reading this
    I am real and it works but you have to eat right and exercise as well. Hope
    this sheds light on the 3 week diet.

  27. Oscar WhimfoomeA says:

    As a wrestler, I need to lose weight quickly or I don’t make the cut. The
    3 week diet is perfect for cutting weight fast along with doing so safely. 

  28. How to lose weight fast for women says:

    Just liked your video! Very inspiring!

  29. Cortney MansickyS says:

    I was truly hopeless, I am obese, single mother of two small kids and
    getting around the house was a nightmare. By using this system I am able to
    lose weight and feel like a normal person for once. I know I have a lot to
    go but this will propel me to losing the weight and keeping it off for

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