Meal Plans For Weightloss “IDEAS” No Matter Which Diet You Choose

Ideas of foods that will get you on your way to a healthier you!!!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Sample Vegetarian Weight Loss Meal Plan Although this weight loss plan is more on the vegetarian side, it still requires much planning like any other diets….
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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41 Responses to “Meal Plans For Weightloss “IDEAS” No Matter Which Diet You Choose”

  1. laxman chaudhary says:

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  2. Sangita Maharjan says:

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  3. Deepesh Khatri says:

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  4. Brandi Cotton says:

    great video thank you!

  5. Kamal Bikram Garamja says:

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  6. Melo Belo says:

    @nene059 oh wow….i gained weight but i attribute it to me eating badly at
    school…wow…i did not know it could mess us your future chances of
    having kids….something to look into…thanks for the info

  7. adamc800388 says:

    Can you do some videos on how you prepare your meats and make meals out of
    your items?

  8. Melo Belo says:

    take the injection (the depo shot)…you get a light to no period…it is
    wonderful the only thing that i dont like about the shot is that when you
    get it, your arm is numb for a while i suggest getting it in the thigh

  9. On a journey to somewhere says:

    Hey mama I wanted to thank you for uploading this video. It was very
    helpful and gave me ideas for my weight loss journey! How have the diet
    been working out for you?

  10. Jessica Owen says:

    TOM = Time Of (the) Month

  11. Silence Of Beauty Let Beauty Enter Your World says:

    @adamc800388 on the hcg diet you not allowed to use ANY Oils besides
    coconut oil but be mindful that not everyone has success using it some
    people have stalls and or gains.If you can do without that maybe the best
    thing… for meal ideas just out my other page where I daily vlog
    silentchichcg I have meal ideas and pics

  12. Silence Of Beauty Let Beauty Enter Your World says:

    @mscarmel341 Hi hun I have another channel where i’m daily vlog on this
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  13. nene059 says:

    @mellobell089 yw u just have to be careful an really read up on what u put
    in your body i was young an now that shit has came back to bite me in the

  14. More Modesty says:

    As jamaicans we say “our red sister from red hills come to visit us” funny
    but that’s true.

  15. TheAbStand says:

    Really loved the variety of protein sources you purchased. Healthy eating
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  16. Mariah Beth says:

    i love you so much!!! Your so BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much i am 14 and i
    just need a way to start eating these foods because you are so beautiful
    and so is your soul!

  17. nene059 says:

    @mellobell089 that shot made me gain 100 lbs that are so hard to get off an
    it made the skin on my face to have these black marks an when u get off u
    wont have no periods also messes with ur chances to have a child so be
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  18. MakeupwithSasha says:

    @wwhitney30 her period lol

  19. mscarmel341 says:

    Please share your journey ! Great video!

  20. Kliwon Slamet says:

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  21. daintyapple says:

    what form of hcg are you taking,liquid or injections? gutted this hcg diet
    is banned in the uk, i would to try it.

  22. Therona Dottin says:

    lol Tommmmmmmmm smh naughty boi lol

  23. taytay mone' says:

    really appreciate this video <3

  24. PomegranateDiva says:

    Your skin is so Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. naturalbeauty02 says:

    @wwhitney30 her “period”

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