My 40lb weight loss on a Raw Food Diet! Before & After video/photos

Nadia is one of the first people I spoke about this lifestyle to. She has a lot of great information and inspiration to share 🙂 Nadia has lost over 40lbs in…

Join my Like Page at Visit my website at In this video I share my assessment of the 21 Day Fix Beach…
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41 Responses to “My 40lb weight loss on a Raw Food Diet! Before & After video/photos”

  1. dan theman says:

    Even with the gut, I prefer the before look. Certainly more sexy and maybe
    more healthy too. Plus she looked more fresh, the weight lost seemed to age
    her slightly, or maybe it was the tan, either way I’d like the before look.

  2. tom noeldnerr says:

    Wow great job girls. Some of the women in the US need to watch your

  3. Ian Bathelt says:

    Ancient weight loss formula: Calories consumed

  4. merina says:

    The only thing on freelee that looks really good is her stomach i mean just
    beautiful but then you look at her chicken legs and and her sharp racer
    blade shoulders with stringy arms hanging off of them, I know i sound bad
    but that’s how i feel when i look at her i would never want to look like or
    her friend, im going to have to pass on that diet i rather not be a
    rectangle with no curves what so ever

  5. abxchange says:

    Beautiful before, beautiful after! She carries herself well either way,
    but if it changes her mood, that might be a plus. It’s too bad that how we
    are perceived can change our mood. I find that losing weight makes me so
    much lighter on my feet, and causes me to have more ambition, but I am
    heavy again and older. It’s very hard to find any ambition to lose pounds
    and I can’t afford a high protein diet. So now that I am in the 60s, I am
    stuck in a terrible rut! Fruit seems to make me hungry for something

  6. lisa petrocca says:

    All this babbling! HOW DID SHE LOSE THE WEGHT??? WTF!

  7. Boris Gasman says:

    ugly girls, no matter with more or less waight. discussion makes to me no

  8. RomVlad says:

    I am really concerned about our society and where it is headed when people
    think she looked “better” and “healthier” before. Really? There is NOTHING
    healthy about being overweight. Our kids are being taught that it is ok to
    be overweight, that it is healthy which is leading to obesity, diabetes,
    heart disease and countless other health problems. Looking good may be
    subjective but being overweight and unhealthy is not.

  9. Joeyblondewolf2 says:

    Wish I could stay for 5 days too! I would learn so much and take million
    notes! 😀 plus eat sooooo healthy 

  10. SDOutdoors says:

    Both those girls anorexic, not healthy.

  11. WhiteHawkUK says:

    You’re fat if you eat too much. Rather than try to eat less, why not eat
    your food raw? That way, you can still stuff your face like a pig, but
    you’ll crap most of the food’s nutritional value down the toilet instead!

    While you’re at it, try taking pills that cause you to crap even more of
    that nutrition down the pan – you could stuff your face even more!

    People starving on the streets? F*** ’em! =D

  12. Shinethelight says:

    Damn I thought she looked pretty good before actually she was curvy with a
    nice rack but not in a gross obese way. This is coming from a guy that
    generally doesn’t like bigger women and I thought she looked good. A
    little bit of a belly doesn’t look bad on someone like her. She carried
    It well.

  13. Isabella Roberie says:

    I’m kinda Anorexic looking me ribs show and I eat about 3 small apples a
    day and exercise and I weigh 88 pounds. Is that healthy I’m 12 5″5.

  14. Egu O says:

    Freelee, I really hope you read this. I just wanted to share my progress: 7
    weeks raw and I have dropped two dress sizes from a UK 20 to a UK 16 and I
    have no more cellulite! How amazing is that!

  15. spinemelter2000 says:

    Is fruit good for you or not? It has sugar in it, and I thought sugar was
    bad for your health.

  16. Tia Phillips says:

    WOW!!! She looks great! And Younger to boot! I needed this.

  17. Matej Bukovec says:

    I like the before look better. She looked happier then :)

  18. Amani Maat-Kheru says:


  19. summer fields says:

    What is that coming out of Freelee’s belly button? It looks like a worm

  20. Quick2000 says:

    Nadia is so Beautiful, Wow! Special Ladies, both of You, thanks for all you

  21. Kaye Waldrip says:

    The Affordable Care Act has been designed to provide health security by
    driving competition, lowering premiums, and protecting families.

  22. Melanie Mitchell says:

    I think transformations are just as addicting as anything else. I am
    thrilled to see someone stick to their goals and find some inner peace. I
    also admire people that are who they are. Toxins in our body causes us to
    feel worse about ourselves… fat or not. I think both those girls would
    get hurt if falling on their hips from a high spot because they have no
    body fat to protect their bones.. but they are happy. Let it be. 

  23. Gerald Davis says:

    That extra flesh is adorable unfortunately there is no virtue in that

  24. Fred and Patty Chandler says:

    I’m sure she lost the weight, for her own self esteem. But to honest, she
    never looked bad. She had nice curves, when she was a little plumper, nice
    skin glow as well. Whatever is your happy state of mind. Both very lovely
    women. One of the scenes, looked it was filmed on Bald Mountain, in
    Bennington, Vermont. Beautiful scenery. Good luck with your new regimen. 

  25. anzatzi says:

    Our perception of normal weight have changed radically in the last 100
    years. Look at photos from the 40’s and 50’s. People today are taller
    and fatter

  26. Kelsey Jones says:

    The oils actually go in the teaspoons, not the orange. But great video!

  27. DCBoys86 says:

    I plan on ordering this program this week. Won’t be able to do shakeology
    with it due to the fact it’s just to pricey for me right now but excited to
    give the program a try.

  28. Marg Heideman says:

    Thanks Leslie, awesome suggestions!
    I too am over 50 and my metabolism is so slow…
    I guess you shouldn’t be eating any slice of bread then? I was thinking
    they are the yellow containers and if they are under 80 cal a slice or so,
    that would work as a yellow?? I don’ find I go to bread, but I do like
    Ryvita crackers, 2 of them for 70 cal, how do you count that?

  29. cbrcoder says:

    You are already too skinny. Nothing to fix.

  30. Bercola1 says:

    I can see the excitement in your face I want to jump on board how and where
    can I start

  31. Terry Martinez says:

    Hello Leslie, I was noticing on your wall to the right of you in the video,
    there is a calendar that looks like it has the colors of the containers.
    Is that something you made up, if so is it possible for you to share.
    Thank you, Terry Ann

  32. Lupita Carrasco says:

    I am not getting the shakeology, but I am going to order the 21 day fix
    tommorow! any tips willhelp! thanks :)

  33. Leslie Hernandez says:

    Leslie. ….is shakology …well the shakes…is the program designed for
    just one shake a day??

  34. Courtney White says:

    Which Shakeology flavor do you drink and how are you preparing it?

  35. Drew Kjar says:

    My mom and I are long distance runners like yourself, and we just ordered
    the 21 Day Fix. I am excited to try the program, but I was also curious on
    how to alter the plan on days when we are running 6+ miles. How do you do

  36. Виктория Весбланд says:

    What is the volume of containers?

  37. hipretty says:

    How do you know how many calories or what food group to add in if you are
    long distance running or something else intense? Does this program advise
    in that area, or are you using your own knowledge and experience?

  38. thinypearl says:

    yeah but for your breakfast you eat your oatmeal within milk??

  39. kerri bachand says:

    which container group are you in?

  40. Kerri Hudson says:

    I’ve been on this for two weeks and I feel better but I believe my hormones
    are a mess as I’m not losing like I should. Any ideas on what to do? I’m
    50 and metabolism is just super slow even though I go to boot camp three
    times a week for an hour and walk with my husband on two to three more days
    of the week. I have at least one rest day. I’ve heard that lifting heavy
    might get my metabolism going again. What do you think?

  41. westgurl4 says:

    with your oatmeal, it doesn’t look cooked? Don’t you measure it after
    cooking? I thought it said in book cooked???

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