No Sugar Diet For Quick Weight Loss!

30 pounds natural weight loss so far! Becky gives a humorous account of the advantages of losing weight using the glycemic index and a no sugar diet. So far she has lost 30 pounds. Look…
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So today I decided to show you a yummy diet plan with easy DIY meals and snacks for a healthy start to the New Year! LET’S GET THIS TO 100000 LIKES!!! Our video on Cassey’s channel!
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28 Responses to “No Sugar Diet For Quick Weight Loss!”

  1. Patricia Milton says:

    Wow this is great! 

  2. StrecthMark160 says:

    Great Vid!!

  3. Jennifer A says:

    I just started my no sugar diet. I hope I am you in three months wth an
    amazing story just like this one:)

  4. blogilates says:

    Meg! I had so much fun cooking with you! You’re seriously such a
    sweetheart. Love ya and can’t wait to hang out again!! Xoxo ps: hi
    maybaby’s!! :)

  5. Ella Elbells says:

    I always want to eat healthy and feel all motivated after I watch videos
    like these, but then I realize i love food waaayyyyy too much!

  6. theMoporter says:

    What’s the fucking point? Why do we even continue living in a world like

  7. Bri Vanegas says:

    I just can’t stay healthy I love food too much

  8. PrimadonnaGirl95 says:

    How to get a bikini body:
    1. Have a body
    2. Have a bikini
    3. Forget about dieting and feeling insecure.
    4. Put the bikini on and viola!

  9. Lydia Lane says:

    Cassey is the best XD and i loveee Almond butter im so sad because i want
    to eat all of this but i have like NONE of the ingredients required =(

  10. Kylee James says:

    It annoys me how Cassey tries to be cool and act young because she’s just
    not good at it. Not trying to start a fit but its true.

  11. Noor Eljdid says:

    cassey is the best

  12. nakita stone says:

    Was it just me watching this while eating a tub of icecream , yes

  13. Tulpje0010 says:


  14. Lucille Babel says:

    You’re awesome! Just recently discovered your channel, and I’m becoming
    insanely obsessed! :)) <3
    PS May I ask which editor you're using? 🙂 

  15. Priya Ahuja says:

    team avocado yaas

  16. Rita Green says:

    the problem with these videos is that after watching them I am more hungry
    than usual lol 

  17. Zangy 21 says:

    Meg? What’s that song playing at 5:35 called?

  18. lpsrockstar4 says:

    wow a beauty guru who actually uses HEALTHY food ideas for a healthy food
    ideas video

  19. Bubblyworld13 says:

    It may be healthy but it’s also expensive… :/

  20. Lou S says:

    Soooo, how do you get berries in december that aren’t disgusting frozen or
    filled with chemicals fruits?

  21. PerfectPolishEveryTime says:

    Great video Meg! :)

  22. Rodly louis says:

    I tried but the fast food was calling my name!!

  23. M Cook can we get 100 subs says:

    Whats agave 

  24. Adelina Maria says:

    I started to eat healthier and to drink homemade juice and it feels a lot
    better. My double chin got away and i’ll be trying to do this diet, ty ,

  25. kristina bieber says:

    Where does she get all the songs from? Anyone help?

  26. Sandy Maldonado says:

    This made me really hungry and its 10 pm

  27. Eisher Talwar says:

    Is it just me or does Meg look like Zoella !!?

  28. Kayla Blah says:

    Hey guys, I’m a small YouTuber, so does anyone want to be YouTube friends?
    i’ll sub back :)

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