Oatmeal recipe fast easy healthy recipe for weight loss

Oatmeal recipe fast easy healthy recipe for weight loss

Make Oatmeal that tastes good and is good for you. Getting lean losing weight is mostly done in the kitchen. you should always find ways to not only eat healthier but making your “diet” or…
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22 Responses to “Oatmeal recipe fast easy healthy recipe for weight loss”

  1. Ana Zamora says:

    oatmeal pancakes please… 

  2. 31cristine says:

    Love it going to try

  3. Winkie Lee says:

    i want the oatmeal pancake recipe so baddddddd!!!!!! Please upload a video
    to show us.PLZPLZPLZ!!!!

  4. Maggie Lauture says:

    You. Look. Hot

  5. Jesus Dubon says:

    Its really good but isn’t Splenda bad for weight loss ? 1 pack had 2
    teaspoon of sugar 

  6. Yousif Bob says:

    Make a video for oatmeal pancakes please :)

  7. A Thomas says:

    What’s a good substitution for Splenda? I tried it, and I didn’t enjoy the
    taste of it. 

  8. Pip Maarschalk says:

    very nice!

  9. chris khani says:

    Microwave cooking is a no no and splenda is artificial flavor and it’s not

  10. Rhaide Castillo says:

    Man you are cute

  11. FuelYourBodyXS says:

    Good stuff man! Keep it uo

  12. Kathy Esquivel says:

    You’re Handsome .

  13. feya nair says:

    i wasnt luking at the recipe u r tooo hottttttttttt

  14. Omar Herrera says:

    Is it okay if the box says 100% whole grain oats? 

  15. Mario Lopez says:

    thanks for the video

  16. Ibrahim Said says:

    Your arms are nice ;)

  17. rhymiez says:

    So is peanut butter ok to eat?

  18. Haitham Bilal says:

    Peanut Butter is ok to eat, but it has to be good peanut butter meaning it
    should be made of ONLY peanuts. Well, if it’s peanuts and salt that’s ok
    too… but you can tell by reading the ingredients list. Or, you can buy
    peanuts and grind into peanut butter at home which I think is not only
    better for you, but it also tastes better 😉

  19. eddiechairez says:

    exactly how i feel, i just discovered how good oat meal was so thank for
    the video! Good ideas!

  20. Mrs.Durazo says:

    why is it important to eat oatmeal everyday? what are the benefits?

  21. Haitham Bilal says:

    Oatmeal has many health benefits! Aside from the awsome balance of
    macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) it is rich in fiber and
    antioxidants, helps lower cholesterol, and has a low glycemic value which
    gives you a steady blood sugar level (excellent for people with diabetes)

  22. 2hope1 says:

    great thanks

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