Quick Weight Loss Tips: 3 Easy Fat Loss Diet Hacks From A Fitness Model

Quick Weight Loss Tips: 3 Easy Fat Loss Diet Hacks From A Fitness Model

Go here to get ripped muscle fast: http://www.ScienceOfAbs.com/view/yt1h In this video, you are going to discover 3 quick weight loss tips that will help you…
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DIY: Weight loss Drink! (naturally boost metabolism)

Hey guys. This is super exciting! This drink is my favorite way to keep my metabolism up and that extra flab off. I only use it when I have time in the morni…

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  1. Muscle Tactics says:

    [New Video]: Supercharged FAT LOSS! Fitness model Troy Adashun reveals 3
    easy fat loss diet hacks to help you get shredded six pack abs.

    Quick Weight Loss Tips: 3 Easy Fat Loss Diet Hacks From A Fitness Model

  2. Tara Bialek says:

    I enjoyed your clip. Let’s connect more on here & maybe you’ll watch some
    of my videos. Blessings to you! – Tara

  3. MisterLumba says:

    I found this weirdly sexual…

  4. Loan Tran says:

    Key to diet is eat regular but control your portions.. Eat your breakfast
    than 2 hours later eat fruit or something light and small. Than eat your
    lunch.. Then again something healthy.. Third and final meal is your dinner
    … And if you crave something.. Eat something low in calories and
    healthy.. This wel progress your digesting food and breaks it off faster…
    drink a lot of water and exercise.. Drinking stuff on a empty stomach and
    replacing this drink for a meal is unhealthy! 

  5. Almighty Viper says:

    how to loose weight… the REAL WAY
    1.go for a 30 min run every morning before you eat or drink (if you do
    drink make sure it is just water)
    2. Completely remove sugar from your diet
    3. diets should be made up of low fat meat , vegetables and carbohydrates
    like Brown rice , brown bread. maybe boiled potatoes etc
    4. if you get hungry in between your 3 main meals try drink water to begin
    with and if you are still hungry actually eat something like a Brown bread,
    tuna sandwich.
    5. pick two meals every week that you will have a cheat meal and on those
    meals ( do not have cheat meals for the whole day only that meal) have
    whatever you are craving.
    6. try to include any exercise in your lifestyle , eg run up stairs do not
    walk. power walk instead of normal walking , if you have a few minuites
    spare do a few ab exercises or start jumps pushups etc
    7. there is no easy way of loosing weight ,unless you are extremely lucky
    and have a disorder which only allows you to gain muscle, so just keep this
    up and you will be fine

    (note you want at least 8 hours of sleep each night and make sure the
    workouts in between are as intense as YOU can possibly go . i dont want to
    see no lazy workout , work out as if your life depends on it)

  6. onlyWiez says:

    i don’t have ginger… can i do it without?

  7. Dado Hassim says:

    Emmm, excuse the name, I am a girl, I would like to know, did you mean hot
    water from the tap, r boiling water?

  8. Kyou Sunotori says:

    im crying (lol not really)
    i accidentally read the label of the cinnamon jar and IT WAS SUGAR THAT WAS
    i just ate sugar ;A;
    looks like ill have to try it tomorrow…. properly. god, that was so bad

  9. Meito Anizawa says:

    What BS is this!? I can’t believe people buy this crap. I feel sorry for
    the overweight people who think this is legit. Just exercise morons,
    there’s no easy way to lose weight. 

  10. Denise Payse says:

    Why do people leave such rude comments is it really necessary. She just
    giving a tip to help

  11. Corinna Bayer says:

    If you don’t want increased appetite drink this within half to one hour
    after your healthy meal and never on an empty stomach. Your body
    (especially your stomach) will thank you for it. I’m currently increasing
    my metabolism with green tea instead of this, but it’s the same principle.
    Hope that helped! 

  12. makeupnotfakeup says:

    Well that is actually what I drink when I have a cold 😀 But with many thin
    ginger slices and adding camomile tea otherwise exactly the same
    ingredients. Never thought it would have positive effects on the metabolism
    as well. :)

  13. C Bart says:

    Thanks for the video, just a quick tip: don’t microwave it, but let it
    simmer in a pot a bit, because the microwave destroys the active substances
    that are so good for you. Ideally, add the honey after the beverage has
    cooled down a bit and you are about to drink it, because the enzymes in it
    are destroyed by heat (120° F). All the best :)

  14. brooke taggart says:

    +Ela Gale ♡ A DIY Life can you make up a big batch of it then just warm it
    up when you want some?

  15. Priyanka Mukherjee says:

    AFTER WAKING UP SOUNDS OK…but how many hours after dinner?
    plz reply

  16. thatbutterflytattoo says:

    Ntg to do with the video but your eyes are really pretty!

  17. Sarah Sofia says:

    +Ela Gale ♡ A DIY Life do you think it’ll work with pure gingerpowder?

  18. Kendall Parsons says:

    Will is still work the same for people with Hypothyroidism (where you
    metabolism isn’t fast enough) 

  19. DominoDots12 says:

    can u brush teeth before or after u drink? cause i really hate eating or
    drinking after i brush my teeth

  20. maymoe michell says:

    Is it supposed to be sour? I feel a little bit weird..the taste. 

  21. Elaine Tan says:

    can you do this without the cinnamon?

  22. ChromeLPS Tv says:

    I don’t have any of this, and I’m not going to get it

  23. Nicola Hu says:

    Can i do this without the honey or cinnamon? I dislike the taste of both
    … will ginger and lemon be ok ? 

  24. Princess Penguin says:

    Why are your eyes green. And blue or am I just seeing things really no hate
    I love your videos

  25. Rockout Queen says:

    i think i didnt something wrong cause MY GOD IT WAS SO DISGUSTING

  26. Michelle Drews says:

    ******** Honey is added only about half an hour after mixing the cinnamon
    and boiling water. Step 2 allows the drink to cool down before adding
    honey. Hot water destroys the live enzymes in the honey

    1. Dissolve a teaspoon of cinnamon powder (or ground cinnamon) in a cup of
    boiling water.

    2. Stir and cover to let the cinnamon steep for 20 to 30 minutes. (Shorten
    the waiting time if you prefer a thinner drink.)

    3. Filter away any big particles and add a teaspoon of honey. (The cinnamon
    residue can also be consumed, but removing it helps to make a much more
    palatable cleansing drink. Downing a cup of spicy, chalky suspension with
    an empty stomach first thing in the morning is not an easy feat for all.
    But if you don’t mind drinking with the residue at all, reduce the amount
    of ground cinnamon and use just half a teaspoon of it.)

    4. Take it in the morning with an empty stomach about half an hour before
    breakfast. Repeat for a few weeks to see results.

  27. Alhadje Abdallah says:

    How long does it take to lose 20 pounds with this

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