Some healthy weight loss samples

Some healthy weight loss samples

Actually, it is easy to have healthy weight loss. One word, sports and diet. You must be attention nutritional balance and strict control calories. I used to eat hormone and get fat when I was ill. But after nearly two years, i have to close to the normal weight.All of those are first-hand experience and principle. Whether they are helpful for you?

1、Weight loss pills can not be eaten. No matter what kinds of pills have side effects. Merchants are trivial, exaggerating the result of weight loss pills and never saying its side. General pills are bad for heart, liver and kidney. So you have better do not make pills.

2、Don’t ignore breakfast and have a cup of honey water after getting up. You can eat a piece of banana because it contain 8 calories that can fill the stomach. It is not very well to eat banana when empty stomach so drinking a cup of milk and eating an egg. You can eat a bowel of rice(more or less 1-2 weight),vegetable and a little meat. Drinking skim-milk or eating an egg or having an apple or eating cucumber instead of dinner.
Do not eating sweet food .You should be eat some fiber food that insist on full stomach long time. Otherwise, don’t eat fried, greasy, sweet, salty foods that is the enemy of lose weight. And don’t eat and drink too much.

3、Drink water more, 6 cups of water at least. Boiled water is helpful for reducing hungery feeling ,washing extra fat and keeping unblocked metabolism.

4、Measure weight only one time in a week. Then the progress is appeared. If you are on a diet for a long time, it should pay attention to your health, make sure you eat the food very balanced, vitamin intake also enough, never fell ill.

5、Do exercise with diet. Some actions can reduce appetite and increase the speed of burning fat. You can choose some style of sports. For example, Fast walking, jogging, skip rope.

6、Supply some lose weight vegetable with you: Whole-wheat bread, corn, rice (must have less, a lesson 1-2 weight), eggs, soya-bean milk, milk (to skim), apple, cucumber, balsam pear, kelp, celery, black agaric, tomatoes, wax gourd, tofu, bean skin, leeks, laver head, fish, shrimp, chicken (eat chicken breast meat), all the vegetables.

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