VEGAN Diet for Effective Weight Loss PLAN!! | MUST SEE!! | Diet Tips | Healthy Permanent Weight Loss

The Most Effective Weight Loss Plan & Programmes!! HEALTHY Fat / Weight Loss – WELCOME To My BRAND NEW CHANNEL

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25 Responses to “VEGAN Diet for Effective Weight Loss PLAN!! | MUST SEE!! | Diet Tips | Healthy Permanent Weight Loss”

  1. precious0443 says:

    Cows milk is naturally higher in growth hormones so that it can help the
    baby cow grow to be a large animal. 

  2. Zoe Sprong says:

    Great Videos !!! 

  3. Clara Perez says:

    *εїз* You don’t drown by falling in the water *.* You drown by staying
    there *.*

  4. Jannette A. Voss says:

    You should never waste your time anddollars and efforts on weight
    losssupplements or creams because their results if any are just

  5. PerfectFringe says:

    organic meat doesn’t have hormones to the best of my knowledge

  6. Barbara J. Upton says:

    Better not waste your time andmoney and effort on weight losscapsules or
    lotions because their outcomes if any are non permanent.

  7. Kristian Taylor says:

    Hi, my name is Kristian and I’m 13yrs old and I’m very overweight I weigh
    156lbs I am beginning this diet Nov. 30, 2014. I have many veganvegetarian
    and they are super small. So your witnessing my change thank you. (Could
    you give me a list of what/whatnot to eat ty.)

  8. Kristen Tenascon says:

    Where are you from? I can’t recognize your accent lol

  9. SKoolZ iN says:

    Hey! Very informative videos you have here 🙂
    I’ve been ona vegan challenge for two weeks now, and I actually love it. I
    intend to stick with it for a few months or even the rest of my life. I
    just want to be HEALTHY. But as i’ve been tring to eliminate unatural
    things from my life I’m really wanting to know other people’s views on
    birth control (pill, implant, iud’s)
    I really feel like if I;m going to do it I should go ALL the way. Do you
    think implant birth control would negatively interfere with my weight loss
    and health?

  10. Ma D says:

    I would appreciate if you all comment on effects of cutting fat free greek
    yougurt/dairy out of your diet. Just confused as all claims say it helps
    weight loss. THANK YOU

  11. Aileen Laboy says:

    Hello, I already started a “vegan” diet and Im feeling great,,, but I need
    some information about how to create some menus ( I kind of bored of my

  12. Barbara Ian says:

    I don’t drink any kind of animal milk but… people do drinks goat’s milk,
    yak milk, etc… not just cow’s milk. 

  13. Ginger Abod says:

    I have been thinking of being vegetarians since a long time because I’m
    really sick of those chicken which full of Hormones i even went to a doctor
    and she agreed what i said she even told me about the lately examination on
    a lot of female especially it shows that there bodies hormones have been
    effected by the Inoculation meat . This week i discuss this matter again
    with my friends , she turns into vegan about two months and she’s really
    feeling great . She motivated me too and I’m so exciting for the results I
    know it will take time 

  14. Rachy Penguins says:

    going vegan was the best choice I ever made

  15. LavenderLites says:

    Great video!

  16. 00SupperduppeR says:

    i wanna be a vegan but i dont know what to eat though a day. 

  17. Conscious Path says:

    Logic indeed! Good vid :-)

  18. hanna na says:

    i´m a vegetarian for 21 years and now i turn vegan. thanks for your video –
    i´m motivated to do so and looking forward to the changes i will (hopfully)
    going through :)

  19. tokyopp says:

    i avoid lot meat and chicken most of the time, but i do eat them sometimes,
    i do veggie diet and beans 2 or 1 day of the week, right now i am losing
    weight like crazy, literally a lot, drink plenty of water and do some
    exercise. you don’t have to be 100% vegan to be lean or skinny.

  20. Katie Wallis says:

    Im 80% vegan , I only eat cheese bread and once in a while yohgot but I
    dont eat much so im more vegetarian, and ive lost alot believe it or not at
    12 years old I was almost a size 10 but 1year after turning vegetarian I
    can almost fit into a size 6, I just need to do some more exercise. Thank
    you for the help because I wasn’t 100% sure of being vegan but in a bit I
    will be im just seeing how vegetarian will go for another year or so then
    if im happy ill turn vegan because its harsh how they treat animals, they
    are innocent and humans come along and just kill them for fatty meety
    people like McDonald’s, mostly in America .

  21. broskyification says:

    Im only a few weeks in and Im like 100% vegan already. Im in the military
    and eating vegan people look at you like your a fucking alien. What are
    some reliable trusted sources on the subject that I can share with them if
    theyre interested or if I need to back up my arguments? 

  22. Morgan Miller says:

    It is possible to lose weight in safety and stop weight gain back again if
    you have the correct eating plan, without having pills, hard exercises…

  23. Lin Gin says:

    calcium from dairy is not even absorbed as effectively as plant-derived
    calcium like from broccoli.

  24. Bianca Gaban says:

    search a bit for raw till4 program I’m really into it right now and I’m
    really eager to try it as soon as possible; I haven’t tried it yet but I
    saw lots of people being happy and feeling energetic and the bonus is that

  25. Vegan What Now says:

    How do you deal with flatulence?

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