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50 Responses to “What to EAT! Basic Nutrition, Weight Loss, Healthy Diet, Best Foods Tips | Virtual Health Coach”

  1. Transylvanian Natural Honey says:

    I sell raw, pure NATURAL honey. Absolutely no other food items are heathier
    than honey for the human body, period. To buy REAL natural honey (Europe
    only) see my channel or go to www. numacalca .ro – It heals your body like
    nothing else! It never spoils and contains every nutrient needed to sustain
    life – you can live on honey alone !

    You may think you can just go out and buy real honey; well, you CAN’T ! You
    simply CANNOT FIND REAL HONEY IN EUROPEAN STORES ! Find a beekeeper (like
    ME!) or continue poisoning you and your family with “honey” made from
    sugar, glucose, chinese syrup, etc.

  2. Alexus Carman says:

    I think that baby food is healthy is it because I eat it like every day

  3. TheBigSuegroski says:

    So a small bowl of mixed berries would be a suitable dessert? Blackberries
    and raspberries are my favorite by the way. 

  4. coshun2003able says:

    I love Hummus

  5. Angela Ramos says:

    What kind of butter do you suggest

  6. singingshadow33 says:

    Red peppers are my favourite. My question able food is bananas. I was told
    once that bananas had the highest calorie count in the fruit world and
    eating them wasn’t really healthy.

  7. MrDEA666 says:

    I have a question. Is it OK to eat “white cheese”? ‘Cause I love eating it
    with English cucumbers (a.k.a. hot house cucumbers) and tomatoes, ever
    since I was a kid. ^^

  8. Taaj NiloofaR says:

    i heared n see people eat ants !!! is that really helpful ???!!!

  9. The10532124 says:

    Hey I been song some mix martial arts for a bit now and I would like to
    know what’s your top 5-10 carbs that won’t make you gain weight but still
    give you the energy to perform

  10. carrie sendin says:

    Hi is milk … regular milk fattening? Should i avoid it completely?

  11. natalie says:

    Aww seeing that piggy like that made me so sad. 🙁 I think i’ll never eat
    meat again now, lol.

  12. Alethea Bryant says:

    What to EAT!! Basic Nutrition and Weight Loss. 

  13. Zachary Smith says:

    Hi Corrina! I just watched one of your videos about drinks that people
    think are healthy. In a future video could you look at those drinks that
    they market to be a substitute for real healthy food for kids who are picky
    eaters (PediaSure, Ensure, etc.)? I have to believe those could be loaded
    with crazy chemicals.

  14. Master-Junker says:

    is it good to eat soy milk?

  15. Dalinda Huynh says:

    Cauliflower + radishes<3
    ༼ つ◕◕ ༽つ ~ *|____|*

  16. Natalie Olsen says:

    What about oatmeal? I like to put chia seeds, olive oil, blueberries and
    cinnamon in it. I have it almost every morning and it satisfies me for at
    least 3 to 4 hours. Is it good for me?

  17. Angela Jons says:

    Is Wheat Pasta okay to eat?

  18. Mimi David says:


  19. Wafa Alluhaidan says:

    my favorite healthy food is salads 

  20. Karly McNab says:


  21. Master-Junker says:


  22. Michelle Reyes says:

    GoOd viDoe….

  23. Michelle Kroll says:


  24. Evelyn Ama says:


  25. Hollyp Carter says:

    Wingardium leviosah

  26. trekfan92 says:

    #7 Avoid extreme goals. That’s good advice. I made that mistake once. I
    went from eating all crap one day then jumping right into a brown rice and
    vegetable diet for a week. I managed to do it for a whole week but man it
    was tough. I didn’t like that diet at all.

  27. Isla Mealmaker says:

    Don’t throw away your time andbucks and efforts on weight lossdrugs or
    creams as their outcomes if any are only non permanent.

  28. Michelangelo Caravaggio says:

    that’s a lot of intonation!

  29. SNAAAKE says:

    thought raw caffeine was GOOD for me…………..

    as long as I cut out suger/milk. I life caffeine pills. helps me get
    through the day.

  30. Haven Perez says:

    Wow, just found your vids today. Excluding a few things, I’ve pretty much
    always ate this way. Though, when I became a single mother and had to work
    most of the time, my eating habbits when down the drain. Now I’m married
    and stay at home, so I’ve started eating better. I’ve been married for six
    years and have watched my husband try every diet out there. It’s been
    interesting to watch. He used to go on a diet, protein shakes, and exercise
    things, then crash and gain more wight. Slowly through the years I have got
    him to eat more like me. This year I told him he’s not allowed on a diet or
    exercise benge and could not have any of the pills and supplements (it was
    a bet). I told him I’m in charge of the foods and that he needs to exercise
    “randomly”. He’s lost 15 lbs and gained more muscle than ever before. He
    always ate really small portions that I doubled in size with veggy mixes
    and slightly less meat. I’m glad to see people like you out in the world. I
    think the biggest misconceptions of diets are they are quick, fast, and
    done. People don’t seem to get diets should be permanent healthy changes
    done over time. Also people seem to forget that food should be fun, not a

  31. Eva Ciptak says:

    You were just saying in another video that you aren’t supposed to starve
    yourself. Now you’re recommending fasting? I don’t understand.

  32. SybilW Anderson says:

    For weight loss effectively and maintain it, you need to have a permanent
    plan instead of bouncing from diet to diet.

  33. gustavo orellana says:

    Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)

  34. Kim Nguyen says:

    Hello 🙂
    Just got introduce to your channel through a friend and it is really
    helpful to me.
    Can you consider at doing on topic about Bing eating?
    I am on my “eating clean and workout plan” for 5 months, my meals were
    really strict, no exist of “bad/unorganic/sugary” food, i worked out mostly
    5 to 6 days per week, everything was so perfect, i lost 15 pounds and my
    skin was getting better until ..
    I have started to crave for more food, more sweetness, more carbs like
    bread/muffin, I overeat more and more, then now I even let my self to eat
    junk food like bitcuits and I Can not stop myself to eat even my stomach is
    so full but my mounth just ask for more taste. I think about food all the
    time, i tried to eat more fruits to stop my sweetooth but still it is not
    I feel bad, so so bad after eating everytime, i hate myself for going down
    of the track, less exercise and more food, everyday i look at my bloated
    tummy and its fat make me wanna cry so much, I was so close to my target
    and now it is like out of control … i told myself to embrace my body,
    that i did a good job, but it just can’t stop my overeat problems ..
    Please help me.

  35. Talia Hill says:

    PsycheTruth, I keep hearing to put slices of lemon in my water but I am not
    a huge fan of the taste and am wondering if orange or lime slices would
    have the same benefits?

  36. Antuan The Swan says:

    I have been running 4 days a week and lifting weights 3 to 4 times a week!
    I have been seeing incredible results. Now, i will implement some of the
    cleansing tips i learned here and take it to the net level! Thanks!!

  37. Ashley Matlock says:

    I was all raw for nearly a year and then lost track. I have been trying to
    get back into doing it for a couple of months now. I have been doing better
    but find it harder to follow these days. I look back at when I was hard
    core about it and even was made fun of b/c I was so healthy or picky. My co
    workers used to call me “Organic”. Whatever that means! lol I just wrote
    out my list for the next 3 days of what I want to do. I can be that person
    again! ;)

  38. Mohammed Ali says:

    Having you in bed with me is my first Commitment 

  39. Nigel Ward says:

    I have a question Corrina I work 3 jobs and I walk over 4 miles a day to
    work and back . I have always been thin but this last few years I gained
    mostly belly fat and some chest fat. I am quite familiar with eating
    healthy and such but I’m stuck .How do I maintain a good fast and lose
    weight ?

  40. Daniel Walker says:

    After doing a ‘cleanse’ i suppose i could call it, i have found that its
    given me a boost in energy, i’ll be honest and have been tempted in parts
    where i just want to eat the rubbish i was eating before, Burgers, Chinese
    Take out, crisps (potato chips) etc. Thankfully i have been good and
    managed to stick to the plan even to the point that my 16 year old son has
    also cut down on the processed foods that we all have come to enjoy and
    know are on the corner of the street. However even after doing this
    ‘cleanse’ for a fortnight there are still lots of things i have yet to try,
    a lot of the meals are nice and some are very much like going out and
    chewing the grass in the field. I truly recommend this sort of thing –
    after seeking medical advice first obviously. the purpose of my
    detox/cleanse was not for weight loss but for medical / health benefits – i
    am a migraine sufferer with having to take medication at least twice a day
    and the plan is to eventually come off the tablets, again with doctors
    permission. its been about a month now since my last migraine attack so i
    am pleased obviously. the detox/cleanse is great as stated earlier i have
    loads more energy, im not tired anymore throughout the day, i sleep better
    at night, my skin looks healthier and i have lost weight in just a
    fortnight!!. to sum it all up i am a lot happier within myself to the
    point, and this may sound crazy, that i am actually greeting strangers when
    i pass them by and wish them a good morning or afternoon. 

  41. Owen McColl says:

    Is vaporizing or eating cannabis very toxic? Compared to fast food or/and

  42. dk8047 says:

    After finishing all ten tips. Get a boob job 

  43. RobinB26 says:

    I love my lemon water. Is it ok sometimes for taste to add pure, natural
    honey to it?

  44. YoungDynasty9193 says:

    Hows Tuna in the can for you ?

  45. Oitaben says:

    I guess my biggest question is what to do for a person who grew up on
    healthy foods, ie. green leafy vegetables, steamed fish, green tea, fruit
    as dessert (Asian diet) to lose weight or “detox”. I know that a person
    who grew up on “junk food” like pasta, cheese, and cake (my friend is
    Italian) can easily shed 10 pounds by incorporating these detox foods and
    lemon water. But i find that most information out there do not talk about
    how to loose weight when you grew up eating “healthy” foods. Any
    comment/advice on that?

  46. Flora R says:

    No more white flours on three days

  47. tpe54 says:

    On a fast today..good to hear some positive advice….Once in my life I
    fasted every Monday for 6 months and it changed my whole life….

  48. Rosena Chery says:

    Commitment to yourself to detox and cleanse…

  49. Fai Sal says:

    I’m a heavy smoker!
    All the time I crave fast food 🙁
    Sometimes I can eat fruit and vegetables but it wont last more than 3 days
    Also, I do high intensity exercises 5 days a week

  50. jessica vega says:

    Hey Corrina, what is your opinion of Kefir? Excellent channel and info!!!!

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